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32 Great Garlands to Glam up Your Walls ...

By Lisa

DIY garlands are such an easy and inexpensive way to dress your walls. Whether you're throwing a party, want to create a fun little area in your home to take some photos or just want to decorate, DIY garlands are THE way to go!

1 Polka Dot Garland

Polka Dot GarlandVia Polka Dot Garland {DIY How ...
DIY garlands come in lots of shapes, sizes and colors and this pretty polka dot garland is the perfect way to perk up a wall.

2 DIY Halloween Burlap Banner

DIY Halloween Burlap BannerVia Halloween Burlap Banner Tutorial~ A ...
Although this garland says it's for Halloween, you could use it for so much more!


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3 Colorful Ornament Garland

Colorful Ornament GarlandVia Make a DIY Ornament Garland ...
It won't be long before you'll start wanting to decorate for Christmas!

4 Simple & Festive DIY Garland

Simple & Festive DIY GarlandVia Merry Crafts-mas! Make This Simple ...
Refinery29 calls this a holiday garland, but I think you could easily use it any time of the year.

5 Burlap Garland

Burlap GarlandVia Burlap garland.. How-to!
Another pretty way to use burlap!

6 Perfect Paper Garland!

Perfect Paper Garland!Via Wedding Paper Garland DIY - ...
Love the shape and the tiny floral design!

7 Pacman Halloween Garland

Pacman Halloween GarlandVia Pacman Halloween garland | Mini-eco
'80s babies will appreciate this blast-from-the-past Pacman garland!

8 DIY Fabric Garland

DIY Fabric GarlandVia How to make a fabric ...
This fabric garland looks complicated, but it's actually pretty easy!

9 Coffee Filter Garland

Coffee Filter GarlandVia Flower Power: 21 Floral-Inspired Garlands
Could you tell these beauties were made from coffee filters?

10 Paper Scroll Garland

Paper Scroll GarlandVia PARTY BLOG by BirdsParty|Printables|Parties|DIYCrafts|Recipes|Ideas: TUTORIAL: ...
This garland reminds me of construction paper creations from my childhood!

11 Recycled Gift Bag Garland

Recycled Gift Bag GarlandVia Please Note: DIY: Recycled New ...
If you have a collection of gift bags that are just collecting dust, turn them in to a garland!

12 Diy Bow Garland

Diy Bow GarlandVia DIY: Bow Garland
Perfect party decor!

13 DIY Pinecone Garland-

DIY Pinecone Garland-Via How to Make a Pinecone ...
This makes a cool garland and would double as a centerpiece.

14 Vintage Christmas Garland

Vintage Christmas GarlandVia Do-It-Yourself Vintage Christmas Garland
Colorful strips of fabric make a jolly good garland!

15 Fringe Garlands

Fringe GarlandsVia Big Fringe Garlands
I love this! It would make a great backdrop for photos, too.

16 Paper Punch Garland

Paper Punch GarlandVia DIY: How to Make a ...
Isn't this a super clever way to use paint chips?!


Ideal for Thanksgiving or any fall dinner!

18 Glittery Geometric Garland

Glittery Geometric GarlandVia Lines Across: Glittery Geometric Garland
Glitter and geometric shapes make for a fabulous garland!

19 DIY Pom Pom Garland

DIY Pom Pom GarlandVia DIY: Pom Pom Garland - ...
Poms poms are so fun to make and look at. Seeing little poms poms on your wall will instantly make you smile.

20 Tassel Garland

Tassel GarlandVia Tassel Garland | gift wrapping ...
Tassel garlands were huge this year. I saw them all over Insta and they're so pretty!

21 Interchangeable Photo Garland

Interchangeable Photo GarlandVia DIY | Interchangeable Photo Garland ...
This would make an amazing party decoration or it could even add some personality to your cubicle.

22 Paper Donut Garland

Paper Donut GarlandVia
So what if National Donut Day is over? You can still celebrate with this delectable garland!

23 DIY Paper Bow Garland

DIY Paper Bow GarlandVia DIY Paper Bow Garland
How cute would this be for a baby shower?

24 Party Napkin Garland

Party Napkin GarlandVia Party Napkin Garland... | Jacks ...
This is so easy and creative!

25 Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Tissue Paper Flower GarlandVia tissue paper flower garland • ...
If fresh flowers aren't within reach, make some!

26 Napkin Garland

Napkin GarlandVia 23 Awesome DIY Party Supplies! ...
Another way to use napkins to make a garland.

27 Pizza Garland

Pizza GarlandVia DIY: pizza garland (+free printable) ...
Does it get any better than a pizza garland?

28 Giant Pom Pom Garland

Giant Pom Pom GarlandVia Best Birthdays: Easy Party Decorations: ...
Giant pom poms look like little colorful monsters!

29 Paper Rosette Garland

Paper Rosette GarlandVia Craftaholics Anonymous® | Paper Fan ...
Add a touch of sophistication.

30 DIY Wax Paper Backdrop

DIY Wax Paper BackdropVia DIY Wax Paper Backdrop
Wax deli sheets make a chic backdrop.

31 Guirlande Papier DIY

Guirlande Papier DIYVia good ideas
Unique and fun!

32 Cascading Paper Flower Garland

Cascading Paper Flower GarlandVia Cascading Paper Flower Garland
From a distance, it looks like real leaves and flowers!

What did you think of these DIY garlands? Will you try one out?

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