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Creating a motivational living space isn't all that difficult, but it can help you change your perspective about your life. Instead of wasting your hours in front of the television or mindlessly browsing the web, you'll be inspired to do something productive with your time. You'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish when you find ways to inspire yourself. Here are a few ways to transform your own house into a more motivational living space:

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Wall Quotes

Wall Quotes Head to the store to buy some wall decorations that have your favorite quotes printed on them. You can even buy the type that have single words like "hope" or "love." It's an easy way to create a more motivational living space. Whenever you feel down, you'll walk past one of the decorations and remember why you should be doing something productive.



Declutter Clear off your desk so that there's no unnecessary items in your way. The messier your workstation is, the less you'll want to work. If you keep your office nice and clean, then your brain will feel more spacious as well. That means you'll be able to think more clearly and get more accomplished.


Family Pictures

Family Pictures Are you trying to be successful so that you can take care of your kids? If so, place a picture of them in a spot that you'll see. If you want to lose weight so that you can fit into your prom dress, leave a photo of the dress somewhere you'll see it.


Calming Paintings

Calming Paintings Find a beautiful painting of a waterfall or forest. Pick whatever location you find the most relaxing. Now hang it in a room where you do your work. It'll help you calm yourself down when you're feeling stressed. The only way to be productive is to let your mind focus on the task at hand, and the painting will help you do so.


Handmade Quotes

Handmade Quotes You don't have to redecorate your entire house in order to make it a more motivational place to live. You can buy something as cheap as Post-it notes and place them on your mirror to remind you of how beautiful you are, or on your fridge to remind you of how badly you want to cut down on carbs.


Framed Accomplishments

Framed Accomplishments What have you accomplished so far in life that you're proud of? If you have a college degree, hang it somewhere visible. If you rescued a dog, keep a picture of him on the wall. You can even create a shadow box that holds important objects, ticket stubs, and jewelry.


Opened Windows

Opened Windows Make sure that your windows aren't always blocked by curtains and blinds. A peek at the outside world can help you feel more relaxed. You don't want to create the illusion of being locked up in your house with no escape. All you have to do is open up your blinds, and you'll feel better than you have in years.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to be a hard worker who is dedicated to reaching a higher level of happiness. It can be difficult to motivate yourself, but once you find ways to do so, you'll find fun in being productive. What's the most inspirational quote that you've ever heard?

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