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When you think about wall art for your home, it's gotta be unique, it's gotta be different and it's gotta be amazing! I know when I pick out wall art for my house, I want something that is going to stand out. If that's what you look for too, take a look at my collection of wall art for your home to make it look beautiful and unique!

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Bright Orange

room,property,living room,wall,ceiling, Via Before & After: Maura's $13 ...

I love, love, love this wall art for your home! This particular wall is an accent wall and it's super easy to recreate!


Reclaimed Wood

wall,house,art,wood,architecture, Via Reclaimed wood wall art 37"x24"x5"

Reclaimed wood is something that makes fantastic wall art! Take this shelf for example – how cool is that?


Scrabble Art

text,wall,modern art,art,exhibition, Via Eleven Unique DIY Wall Art ...

I love the game of scrabble, but I never would have thought that it would look great as wall art!



art,flooring,modern art,design,textile, Via Light Pink Ombre Butterfly Heart ...

If something a little more conformed and stylish is your bag of tricks, this cute ombré heart is easy to create or even buy!



The Terrace,wall,modern art,art,sketch, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

I love this reclaimed wood with the sketched out tree – it's so different and can go anywhere!


Music Notes

wall,art,modern art,wood,design, Via Sheet Music Wall Art

If you have a music room, this is the perfect piece for you!



room,living room,property,floor,wall, Via Parade of Homes (sponsored by ...

Damask is something that I absolutely love and this piece would look perfect in a bedroom!


Cards Anyone?

hairstyle,fashion,design,pattern, Via The Wall: Photo Enlargement Projects ...

Playing cards have different meanings for different people and I love that these cards are blown up and made into wall art!


Mix & Match

modern art,wall,font,picture frame,art, Via Cheap Wall Art Ideas for ...

Covering up pieces of wood with fabrics give them a real different look and when placed together? It can be a cool wall art piece!


Home is Where the Heart is

color,pink,wall,art,painting, Via Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas ...

No matter where you live now or where you come from, why not put up a bit of art to show your home state?



blue,turquoise,aqua,art,shape, Via 3D Butterfly Wall Art. 48, ...

I love the way that the butterflies are almost leaping off of the wall!



cutlery,fork,tableware,glass,tool, Via crafty-crafts-1

If you are looking for some DIY wall art, this is a great one for your kitchen!


Headboard Art

color,blue,room,wall,interior design, Via Easy cheap wall art. | ...

This is actually really cool! They transformed this picture into a headboard!


Kitchen Inspired

text,font,product,label,brand, Via Easy Kitchen Inspired Wall Art ...

I love, love, love these little pieces! So adorable!


Cute Clothes Hanger

fashion accessory,interior design,wood,shelf, Via Awesome Woodwork Coat Hanger – ...

This is perfect for that woodsy home!


Boho Chic

art,textile, Via Contemporary Wall Art For Modern ...

This wall art is ideal for someone that wants to bring the hippy inside!


Different Patterns

modern art,wall,interior design,lighting,furniture, Via Making Wall Art out of ...

These pieces are so, so adorable and they are made out of scrapbook paper!


Shower Curtain

wall,interior design,modern art,Staple,shower, Via How it's Made on Twitter

This is so cool! It's a shower curtain stapled to canvas.


DIY Stick Wall Art

living room,room,wall,interior design,furniture, Via 6 DIY Projects To Bring ...

All you need are some cool sticks and some paint!


50 Free Wall Art Printables!

Startup Beat,Cablenet,art,picture frame,pattern, Via 50 Free Wall Art Printables! ...

If you want your own wall art, here are some free printables!


Family Hands

room,wall,door,interior design,hall, Via Sunshine Homestead: Family Hands Wood ...

This is a cool idea! Personally, I'd do it with dog paws.



Modern Hippie Clothes,elephant,art,elephants and mammoths,indian elephant, Via 10 Effective DIY Wall Art ...

If you have a room that you are looking to brighten up, paint a picture on a wall.


Love Wood Wall Art

floor,flooring,wood,hardwood,furniture, Via LOVE Wood Wall Art With ...

So, I am from Michigan and I thought this piece was so, so cute!

There you go ladies! There are quite a few of my favorite wall art pieces. What are some of your favorites? Share 'em with me!

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I'm in love with the elephant!!!

Michigan! :)

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