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31 Paintings You Can Copy for Your Own House ...

By Eliza

It's no secret that buying art is not always a cheap endeavor. Some of the best works cost more than I make in a year. Some are more than I've ever made in my life all put together. Fortunately, if you enjoy painting, you can copy some of your favorites. That gives you a great work or art and lets you hang something that you are able to put your own spin on. And won't it be fun to tell everyone you're the artist when they admire your paintings?

1 Musical Notes

Musical Notes Via Abstract Music
Even if you don't play piano, you have to admit that this fun painting would look great in your house.

2 Tiny Pastel Dream Catcher

Tiny Pastel Dream Catcher Via Tiny Pastel Dream Catcher Box ...
If you're new to painting, try something small to help you master your technique.

3 Love Print

Love Print Via Loui Jover, 1967 | Tutt'Art@ ...
I can see this hanging in your bedroom to celebrate the love you have for your significant other.

4 Blue Sunflower

Blue Sunflower Via 40 Beautiful Wall Art Ideas ...
This a great example of how you can make your painting your own. Who says a sunflower has to be yellow?

5 Family of Birds on Tree

Family of Birds on Tree Via Family of birds on tree, ...
The background colors of this painting are really pretty. Painting a black shadow painting on a colored background is a pretty simple technique.

6 Silhouette do What You Love

Silhouette do What You Love Via Silhouette America Blog | Do ...
Here's another silhouette painting. Switch out your favorite quote if you have another one you love.

7 Lion Watercolor

Lion Watercolor Via Lion watercolor painting print , ...
This would be a definite conversation starter if it's hanging in your house. Love it!

8 Three Canvases

Three Canvases Via Large Painting Love Birds Tree ...
I love how it looks to hang three canvases to form one picture. What do you think?

9 Minus All the Details

Minus All the Details There isn't a ton of detail in this painting, but it still looks fabulous.

10 Robin Egg Blue Dandelion Fluff

Robin Egg Blue Dandelion Fluff Via Eye of Beholder Robin Egg ...
This would be fantastic in a guest bedroom or bathroom. Make it larger or smaller as you need to.

11 Modern, Pop Art

Modern, Pop Art Via beautiful-colors-20
All that color sure would be fun to put on the canvas. Where would you hang this?

12 Winter Stream

Winter Stream Via Landscape Painting — Winter Stream ...
Making the water reflect the rest of the painting is a skill you'll have to practice, but it would be so worth it.

13 Angel Wings

Angel Wings Via Angel Wings Painting Custom order ...
I would love to be able to recreate this for my office. Cool, huh?

14 Watercolor Tree

Watercolor Tree Via Watercolor Tree Paintings : Anna ...
What fun this would be to make! You don't need a ton of skill, but the end result will make you look like a pro.

15 Lots of Lines

Lots of Lines Via Behance
Can you see how the entire painting is a series of lines in various colors? Awesome, right?

16 Simple Tree

Simple Tree Via Spirit of Water -- 11x14-christmas ...
Trees seem to be a really easy thing to start with. You can paint them and they look fantastic anywhere you hang them.

17 Moonlit Scene

Moonlit Scene Via Items similar to ORIGINAL Painting ...
The colors are great, don't you think? The size is just right for leaning on a mantel.

18 Triple Look

Triple Look Via ORIGINAL Abstract Landscape olive PurpleTree ...
This is another fantastic example of how you can make three canvases work together.

19 Fancy Deer

Fancy Deer Via Stitches and Purls • Inspirations: ...
Look at all the detail on this fantastic deer. She almost looks like you could reach out and touch her.

20 A Storm is Coming

A Storm is Coming Via art painting abstract landscape painting ...
The color is fabulous and the detail does a great job of showing the storm on the horizon.

21 Bright Red Flowers

Bright Red Flowers Via PensieriDifettosi
Flowers, like these poppies, are fun to paint and you can choose your favorite variety for your canvas.

22 Dancer

Dancer Via Poesia Visual - Arte e ...
This artist knows how to make the details work. With practice, you can do the same.

23 Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe Via *itKuPiLLi* ~ iNSpiRatiOnS
Inspired by the great writer himself! Use your favorite story or poem to inspire you.

24 Dusk on the Ocean

Dusk on the Ocean Via Dusk On The Ocean by ...
The ocean is such an inspiring thing to paint. Isn't this lovely?

25 Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Via Ivan Alifan油画作&#216……_来自suki-s-chan的图片分享-堆糖
A lovely fall tree is a fun and colorful way to make your painting debut.

26 Night Meets Day

Night Meets Day Via Night meets Day - Original ...
Cool, huh? This fantastic painting is unique and fun to look at.

27 Watercolor Scene

Watercolor Scene Via Sunsets Landscape watercolor painting print, ...
This watercolor is great example of how this simple technique looks.

28 Run Away

Run Away Via Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen - Run ...
This painting eliminates the need to paint facial features.

29 Huge Flower

Huge Flower Via Oil Painting Tips, Oil Painting ...
A giant flower is the perfect thing for filling a large, empty wall in your house.

30 Abstract City

Abstract City Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
You can customize this with your own home city and use any colors you like.

31 PEACOCK Decorative Impressionistic

PEACOCK Decorative Impressionistic Via Original oil painting impasto PEACOCK ...
I wish I had the talent to make this for may house. What about you?

Are you inspired to start painting right now? I am totally ready to nurture my inner Pablo Picasso. Which project is bound to be your first?

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