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After keeping the windows shut for the long, cold winter there’s no better way to open them back up and let the sunshine in and then finding ways to redecorate your house for spring! By adding just a few key items, you can give your home the quick fix it needs to say goodbye to the cold days or winter and hello to the warm days of spring. So, put away those extra blankets and check out some easy ways to redecorate your house for spring!

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Out with the Old

Out with the Old When you’re ready to redecorate your house for spring it’s good to start off with a little spring-cleaning. Lift up those rugs and sweep up those floors 'cos it’s time to open your house up to a little light. Put away any heavy blankets and pillows that you don’t need anymore. And, definitely take down any holiday decorations if you haven’t already (you know who you are). You’re going to need some space for your new spring finds and those certainly don’t go with Frosty the Snowman.


Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows One of the easiest ways to update your house for spring is by getting new throw pillows for your couch and bed. Florals are huge this spring as well as the color lilac. Choose light pastel colors and designs. You’d be surprised how just a few pillows can change the look of your room.


Change Your Bedding

Change Your Bedding If you’ve been using flannel sheets and a heavy comforter, it’s definitely time to put them away. Look for a lighter duvet cover for warmer weather and cotton sheets. Pale yellow or light blue is always a good neutral color for couples. Grab a few new decorations for the bedroom that match a spring theme and poof, you’ve sprung into spring!



Accessorize Speaking of accessories… Deciding to change the theme of your living room, bedroom or backyard is a quick and easy way to liven up things. Place freshly cut flowers in mason jars sparingly around the room or create a new centerpiece with them in your dining room or kitchen.


Pick Flowers

Pick Flowers A quick and decorative way to update your house for spring is with fresh flowers and fruit. Place lemons, limes or oranges in clear vases varying in size for an instant chic spring look. Check out your local farmers market for fresh cut daisies, tulips and daffodils every week and place into vases. They’ll look beautiful and you’ll be supporting local florists.


Refinish Old Furniture

Refinish Old Furniture Now is definitely the time to freshen the paint job or completely change the color of that set of drawers that’s just begging for it. Choose a pastel or a bright white. It’ll be a fun weekend project; you’ll save some money and fall in love with your furniture all over again.


Change out Your Plates

Change out Your Plates Nothing is more fun then having a new set of dinner plates to eat off. Look for vintage or vintage inspired plates in spring colors like pink, yellow, mint green and white. While you’re at it, throw in some spring inspired drinking glasses. Don’t break the bank on this one. It’s more fun to find the cheap stuff when it’s just for a season.

Redecorating your house for spring can literally be done in an afternoon. Get creative with your finds and keep it fun. You’d be surprised what a little floral and pastel can do. Have you come up with some great ideas for redecorating your home for spring? Let us know and leave a comment!

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Nothing is more fun than having a new set of plates to eat off. Good God.

I do this every year for the different seasons. It's easy to switch out bedding, curtains, rugs, shower curtains and accessories. It's really not that expensive because you're buying items at different times thru the year. If you buy quality items you'll have them for years. Have Fun!

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