7 Different Colors to Use in Your Home and How They Make You Feel ...


Have you ever considered the colors to use in your home in light of how they can make you feel? The truth is that every color is going to give off a vibe that you will unconsciously or perhaps consciously pick up on. This is something to consider when you are choosing colors to use in your home. It can change the whole environment of a room or the complete home.

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Yellow Yellow is bright and sunny and that is usually how it makes us feel. If you feel like you need a pop of this brilliant color, it can be helpful in lifting your spirits. You might want to consider using this in a sunroom, a kitchen or an art studio. If you feel like you could use the boost of mood-lifting powers that yellow gives but don’t think you can take a whole room decorated in this color, try little pops of it. There are many colors to use in your home that can be effective in small ways such as by adding a vase or throw pillows.



Red Red is a color associated with passion and romance. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms. It is also a color that brings up feelings of warmth and closeness. You might want to choose red for a room where you hope to have lots of cozy times with those you love. Just be careful not to overuse; red can be powerful in décor.



Blue Blue is a color that is best chosen for spaces where you want to find serenity. It has a calming effect. This may perhaps be because it mirrors water, which can be calming to spend time near to. Blue is also a color often used for offices. It inspires productivity and minimizes distractions.



Green Green is a color that is associated with the earth and outdoors. It may be a good choice if you live in a cold climate where you don’t get a lot of time to experience the natural outdoors. It is also considered a color linked to feelings of healing and good health. You may want to choose this color for a workout room or the place where you do your yoga. The thing about all of these colors is that you can choose different shades of them. It doesn’t have to be a straight, powerful pop out color.



White White is a color that is beautiful but can come across as cold and sterile. White is best used with other colors. It gives off a vibe of freshness and cleanliness which is wonderful. But you need to balance it out with another color or two. It can help eliminate the harsh vibe from all white.



Black Black is a color choice that can speak of strength and formality. It can be beautiful but like the neutral color of white, needs mixing. Black is a timeless color choice that can go in most any room if you are careful with how you use it. It pairs beautifully with many colors so that you don’t really have many limits when you work with black. It can also be used as a small accent color rather than for large areas of your home.



Purple Purple is a color choice that, like red, works well in the bedroom. It is associated with romance and playfulness. It can be difficult color choice to pull off in other rooms of your home but can be done. There are many different shades of purple for those that think of it as too strong. It also makes a wonderful color choice for a master bath.

There are many different colors you can choose to use in your home. Each gives off a vibe that you may have never considered. What are your favorite colors to decorate with?

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Red is also associated with hunger. That is why it is often used by restaurants. Yellow rooms can actually cause you to feel very anxious and nervous. Green is said to be calming while blue should make you feel secure.

Yellow is the worst color to paint any room. It makes people sad and depressed

I think the person who did this list. Did an awesome job!

I have a purple couch. People either love it or hate it.

Blue, can also cause depression. So be careful which shade you use. I painted my room a baby blue.maybe it it was a lil lighter or a dark blue like the colour in the pic. But the shade I used cause me to feel sad. Once I painted a light brown. I felt so much happier!

Red, can also case angry! The picture I'd say is ideal. It's not to much and won't cause it. Where as 4 red walls. Drives ppl mad.. And red and yellow together cause hungry. That's why food chains often use them.

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