7 Home Dcor Mistakes You Don't Realize You Are Making ...


There are some very common home décor mistakes that you may not realize you are making. A person’s home is unique and is meant to reflect their personality. There really aren’t any rules you have to follow. These are just some suggestions you may want to follow to avoid common home décor mistakes and keep your home at its best.

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Choosing the Wrong Picture Size for above Your Sofa

Choosing the Wrong Picture Size for above Your Sofa One of the very common home décor mistakes that is made has to do with the size of the picture you choose for above your living room sofa. You can go too small when you choose a picture or an arrangement for that area. The picture or arrangement that you choose should be at least half as wide as your sofa. If it is any smaller your sofa will overshadow it. If you need some inspiration, you can look at some pictures in magazines or online.


Painting a Small Room Dark

Painting a Small Room Dark A small room needs some help. Painting it a dark color will shrink it more. Dark colored paints can be beautiful but they are not the best choice for a room that is small in size. To make the room appear larger, you should choose a light paint color. Mirrors can also help open a small room up.


Not Dealing with Clutter

Not Dealing with Clutter Clutter can kill the best decorating job in the world. A beautifully decorated home will not be able to be appreciated the way you wish for it to be if you have clutter everywhere. Clutter can happen to the best of us if we aren’t careful. It can be overwhelming to tackle. Set a goal of going through clutter for a certain amount of time each day until you have eliminated the issue.


Arrangement of Furniture

Arrangement of Furniture Sometimes the arrangement of furniture can make a room feel stuffy or too formal. Think about how people like to sit when they talk with one another when you arrange your furniture. Try to arrange your furniture in a way to encourage conversation between those that will use it. If you are confused, there are many examples that can help you. Try searching for some specific furniture placement examples on Pinterest.


Not considering Who Lives There

Not considering Who Lives There It is important to consider who lives in a home when you are choosing your home décor. You may have been craving a snow white sofa but if you have two toddlers and a black dog that sheds, then you may want to wait a while. Of course you want your home to look lovely, but think practically too. Choose something you love that will fit your family and lifestyle.


Not Purchasing Lamps

Not Purchasing Lamps Lamps can be the missing piece in a room’s décor. You don’t have to have them in every room but they are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. They make a room look pulled together. Additionally, soft lighting is much better than a harsh overhead light. A bedside lamp provides the perfect lighting when you are trying to wind down from your day.


Fear of Going for What You like

Fear of Going for What You like This is where you really get to express your personality. Don’t let fear hold you back. Go for what you like in your home. It can be a little different; after all that is what makes your home look like you. Don’t be afraid to take chances in choosing home décor.

These are 7 home décor mistakes that are so commonly made that you may not have realized you were making them. What is your worst home décor mistake? Share so that others can learn from you!

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don't get fancy furnishings with small- or medium- kids in the house! Unless, of course, you want to spend all of your time yelling at them to be careful!

thank you for the tips. I have made a few of this mistakes with out even knowing & now I can correct them!

I have a very large living/dining room and my mom taught me about "zones" and that works wonders in my apartment

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