7 Beautiful Design Ideas for Your Kitchen ...

if you're thinking of remodeling your kitchen--or if you're just a fan of chic interior design--then you need to see these beautiful design ideas for your kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of the home--where company gathers for parties, where delicious meals are cooked, and where family ventures in a couple (or a dozen) times a day. For these reasons, your kitchen should be easily accessible. warm, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. I've put together some gorgeous design ideas for your kitchen that will definitely have them coming back for seconds and thirds:

1. Upholstered Furniture

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Starting off this list of design ideas for your kitchen is utilizing upholstered furniture. Often times at islands you see bar stools, or wooden chairs placed at kitchen tables, so why not switch up your look with a little fabric? Changing the seating to these wing-back fabric chairs really changes the look of the room and gives a designer feel--not to mention the seats are probably much comfier than wooden stools! If you have kids or are worried about stains and spills, consider using slip-covers that can be taken off and washed periodically so you can still get the upholstered look without the stains.

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