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Oh La La French Style Inspiration for Your Home ...

By Neecey

From the chic elegance of Paris to the charming rusticity of Provence, there's just a je ne sais quoi about French style. Are you up for being inspired to add a touch of French style to your home?


Don't you just adore those bird cages?

2 French Farmhouse Dining Room

French Farmhouse Dining Room Via From My Front Porch To ...
I think it's that duck egg blue and chicken wire cabinet that just screams French provincial.

3 New Country French Cottage Kitchen

New Country French Cottage Kitchen Via A New House Inspired by ...
You can capture an "old" feel in a new home.

4 Rustic Charm for the Bedroom

Rustic Charm for the Bedroom Via How to Achieve a French ...
Having the right sort of room for a French style makeover is always a plus.

5 Old for New

Old for New Via Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 59] ...
Switch out closet door for vintage French doors!

6 Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror Via Clever Ideas for Flea Market ...
A bathroom full of character.

7 Planked Ceiling

Planked Ceiling Via French Style Home - Inspired ...
Planked ceilings bring out the crisp white and pop of colors in this dining room

8 Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired Via Vintage inspired French Country home ...
A collection of vintage French looking odds and sods can be serendipitous.

9 Curtains

Curtains Via A Paris Apartment and a ...
Drapes with a swagger.

10 French Country Cottage Bathroom

French Country Cottage Bathroom Via French Cottage Bathroom Before & ...
How incredibly charming is this?

11 Parisian Inspired Candles

Parisian Inspired Candles Via CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT: ...
There are lots of ways to add just a soupcon of French style to your home.

12 Vintage Cottage Kitchen

Vintage Cottage Kitchen Via FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: Vintage Cottage ...
Like something out of Jean de Florette.

13 Ornate Vintage Chair

Ornate Vintage Chair Via
elegant and opulent at the same time.

14 Conservatory / Breakfast Room

Conservatory / Breakfast Room Via Conservatory : Kara Childress Renovates ...
Well we can dream ...


Be on the lookout for those special finishing touches.

16 Hip Heritage Look

Hip Heritage Look Via Portfolio: Gold Detail French Provincial ...
A paint job can recreate the feel of the Ancien Régime.

17 Smaller Chandeliers for Bedside Lighting

Smaller Chandeliers for Bedside Lighting Via ELOQUENCE Collection - Beds - ...
French style means attention to detail.

18 Large Gingham Checks

Large Gingham Checks Via FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: Inspirations
Can't go wrong with a bit of gingham.

19 Furniture Makeover

Furniture Makeover Via Home - Farmhouse Paint
Go to work on thrift store or yard sale finds.

20 Dine in Style

Dine in Style Via The Pretty Blog - Wedding ...
If you don't want to dedicate a whole room to French style, dine in French style instead.

21 Versailles

Versailles Via
This room is called Le Méridienne and the decor was chosen by Marie Antoinette.

22 Bright-Pastel French Furniture

Bright-Pastel French Furniture Via Feminizing Your Décor: Painted Furniture ...
An idea of the styles of furniture to be on the lookout for.

23 Feminine Bedroom

Feminine Bedroom Via Home Interior Design Ideas : ...
Lots of shabby and cottage chic touches.

24 Art Work

Art Work Via ooh la la - Inspired ...
One of the easiest ways to add a French touch is some artwork with a French theme or scene.

25 Lavender Topiaries in Galvanized Buckets

Lavender Topiaries in Galvanized Buckets Via Rustic Farmhouse: ~Lavender Topiaries~
Doesn't lavender always make you think of Provence?

26 Classic Country French Bedroom

Classic Country French Bedroom Via Complete and Classic Country French….. ...
Posh yet understated and enchanting.

27 French Window

French Window Via Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled: New Ways ...
Why stick at French style indoors?

28 Chandelier

Chandelier Via Interior Design Ideas: French Interiors ...
A chandelier over the kitchen sink? Genius or crazy?

29 Glamorous French Inspired Bedroom

Glamorous French Inspired Bedroom Via Feel Like Sophia Loren or ...
Wouldn't you feel a million bucks sleeping in here?

30 French Inspired Nursery

French Inspired Nursery Via Marie's Tumblr - Daily Notes ...
Treat your little one like a dauphin(e)

31 French-inspired Space

French-inspired Space Via french-inspired space. / sfgirlbybay
I think this room really tells a story.

32 French-inspired Office

French-inspired Office Via In Love With Decor ...
You can add some oh là là to practical spaces too.

33 French Doors

French Doors Via Swede Dreams: Rustic Tuesday...
Recycle old French doors to create a focal point.

34 Antique French Fireback as Backsplash

Antique French Fireback as Backsplash Via 40 Awesome Kitchen Backsplash Ideas ...
Find new uses for old things.

35 Elegant French Inspired Bedroom

Elegant French Inspired Bedroom Via ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No ...
I'm in love with this.

36 French Style Armoire

French Style Armoire Via Frou Frou Fashionista Luxury Lingerie ...
No other piece of furniture screams French like an armoire.

Do you love the French style? What way do you lean: provincial charm or city chic?

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