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Here Are 30 Totally Easy Photo Frame Arrangements for Your House ...

By Eliza

Do you have a ton of photos you want to hang on the wall? Don't have any idea of how to get started? There's an art to getting all those frames arranged so they look good when you hang them up. Luckily, it isn't too hard to get what you want. Still need some inspiration? Check out these fantastic ideas and you'll be well on your way.

1 Use Picture Ledges

Deion's Family Playbook,furniture,room,chest of drawers,desk,Via Master Bedroom Picture Wall
These ledges are a great idea because they make it easy to mix and match pictures whenever the mood strikes.

2 Wall Gallery

white,room,living room,wall,home,Frames in various sizes make your arrangement gallery worthy.

3 On a Rod

furniture,table,room,dining room,desk,Via Tutes & Tips Not to
Hang your pictures on a rod with ribbon for a really fun look.

4 Stack Them up

room,wall,furniture,cabinetry,wood,Via Top 25 DIY Decorating Ideas
I love the symmetry that happens when you hang three of the same size frames in a line like this.

5 Small Wall

room,furniture,wall,cabinetry,door,Via Small Changes in the Entryway
You can make a really cool photo arrangement even if you only have a small wall available.

6 Photo Wall Collage

living room,room,property,wall,modern art,Via Header: Internet Inspirations: Wall Arrangements
Use the idea of making a collage to inspire your arrangement.

7 Gallery Frames Hung Hooks

room,bedroom,interior design,living room,bed sheet,Via Favorite Pins Friday! - Beneath
Isn't this fantastic? Where would you put this one?

8 Accessories

room,picture frame,wall,art,121,Via Decorating Ideas - Room Design
It's fun to round out your arrangement with some fun accessories, like a clock or monogram letter.

9 Stairway Renovation

stairs,room,wall,handrail,floor,Via our vintage home love: Stairway
Make an otherwise plain stairway wall stand out by hanging photos all the way up.

10 vintage look

color,room,wall,house,art,Via Different Wall Decor | Dormify
The colors and fancy mirrors give this a pleasing vintage look.


wall,art,art gallery,art exhibition,exhibition,Via C.B.I.D. HOME DECOR and DESIGN
Combine art and photos on your wall for a really cool look.

12 In a Heart

room,furniture,floor,wall,interior design,Via Ideas para organizar cuadros en
Isn't this cool? Would you try this in your house?

13 Curtain Idea

room,property,bedroom,living room,furniture,Via 3 Easy Organizing Tips
Add curtains on either side of your photo arrangement to give your room a nice visual appeal.

14 Old Windows

room,wall,picture frame,furniture,art,Via cottage instincts: What to do
Old window frames for your photos? Genius!

15 Floating Shelves

room,wall,shelf,furniture,living room,Via Pinterest Highlights
Prop your photos on floating shelves for a nice seamless look.

16 Frames Running up the Stairs

stairs,property,room,wall,living room,Via forever*cottage: i did it right
Make this work by choosing frames and mats that complement each other.

17 Mixed Materials

room,living room,wall,home,house,Via Gallery Wall Ideas - Videos
This is cool because there are a lot of different materials that come together.

18 White Frames

property,wall,room,modern art,living room,Via House of Noise... I mean
White frames look great on virtually any color of wall.

19 Under the Stairs

room,living room,furniture,dining room,wall,Via Home Decor Design Inspiration: Photo
Give a little used space some impact with photo frames like this.

20 Casual and Fancy

property,room,wall,handrail,stairs,Via Fun Wall Galleries for your
I really like how there are some elegant pieces mixed in with more casual ones. What do you think?

21 Gallery on a Ledge

living room,room,furniture,table,modern art,Via Day 14 – Decorating with
Your living room will get tons of compliments when it looks like this.

22 Big and Little

living room,room,furniture,table,home,Via Alaina Kaczmarski's Lincoln Park Apartment
Mix large photos with small ones for visual appeal that you won't be able to resist.

23 Wall Decal

property,wall,interior design,home,restaurant,Via Photo Wall Displays (Frames)-Why Didn't
Add a wall decal to your photo arrangement for a look as awesome as this one.

24 Simple Black Frames and White Mats

modern art,living room,room,wall,furniture,Via Header: Internet Inspirations: Wall Arrangements
This cohesive look is awesome because it matches any décor or paint color.

25 No Frames

modern art,room,wall,picture frame,art,Via tales from the crib: Thrifty
Don't underestimate how cool photos without frames will look.

26 Long Frames

property,room,wall,living room,interior design,Via
Aren't these cool? Do you have photos that would work in them?

27 Grid Pattern

wall,furniture,shelf,modern art,art,Via Instagram Photo Wall - TodaysMama
Keep things clean and simple with a grid pattern like this one.

28 Extending from a Corner

property,room,living room,home,floor,Via Sally's Sight Unseen Fresh Start
This looks fantastic! Make use of a small space by utilizing the corner for décor.

29 Black and White

white,modern art,font,art,picture frame,Via Gallery Wall Ideas - Videos
Displaying only black and white photos adds lots of drama to any space.

30 Off the Wall

picture frame,art,wood,carving,antique,Via Perfectly Shabby Chic Accents, Accessories
You can also make really cool photo arrangements off the wall. Put them on tables or bookshelves.

What did you learn? Are you ready to revamp the walls in your house?

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