7 Owl Themed Decor Schemes That Are a Real Hoot ...


Do you love owls? Owls seem to be very popular these days. The animal symbolizes wisdom, patience, wealth, and guardianship. Are you looking for some owl themed items to decorate your home? Here are seven owl themed decor schemes that are a real hoot.

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Owl the Better Doormat

Owl the Better Doormat Greet your guests with the Owl the Better Doormat from ModCloth. This item is practical as well as adorable. The Owl the Better Doormat would look great in your entryway, near all of your fashionable shoes. Don't you think?

Find it here: modcloth.com


Versat-Owl Bookends

Versat-Owl Bookends Books and owls...What a great combination! If you're an avid reader who is looking to organize/showcase some of your favourite books, then ModCloth's Versat-Owl Bookends will be perfect for you.

Find it here: modcloth.com


Fly through Your Morning Mug

Fly through Your Morning Mug Do you collect interesting mugs? ModCloth's Fly Through Your Morning Mug is definitely unique. This mug consists of a light grey owl with yellow eyes, and a brown beak and talons. The Fly Through Your Morning Mug is perfect to drink your daily cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Find it here: modcloth.com


Owl Lights out Switch Plate Cover

Owl Lights out Switch Plate Cover ModCloth's Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover will bring some decorative flair to your bedroom. What's great about this light switch is that you will see it whenever you turn your lights on or off. It's sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Find it here: modcloth.com


Owl the Fixins Shaker Set

Owl the Fixins Shaker Set How cute is this item? The Owl the Fixins Shaker Set from ModCloth will bring some interest to your dinner table. This item consists of a salt and pepper shaker formed into two cute multi-coloured owls.

Find it here: modcloth.com


Owl Have Another Glass Set

Owl Have Another Glass Set This item is great for dinner parties. You can show everyone your love of owls with ModCloth's Owl Have Another Glass Set. I think this item would look great paired with some plain white plates.

Find it here: modcloth.com


Shower Power Curtain in Owl Clean

Shower Power Curtain in Owl Clean Let's not forget that you have to decorate your bathroom with some adorable owl items as well. What do you think of this item? The Shower Power Curtain in Owl Clean will definitely become the focal point in your bathroom. I think this shower curtain is cute, girly, and colourful. Because this shower curtain is so colourful, it will match most bathrooms.

Find it here: modcloth.com

That was just seven owl themed decor schemes for your home. Which is your favourite item from this list? Please leave a comment.

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I like the salt & pepper shakers. The shower curtain is also nice.

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