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Are you struggling with feeling confined in a small room? Do you feel everything looks cramped and jam-packed? There are some little tricks you can use to make your room look more spacious. Just because you have a small room doesn’t mean it has to look small.

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Choose a Light Shade of Paint

Choose a Light Shade of Paint Dark paints will make your room look smaller and lighter shades of paint will make it look larger. Light shades give your room a spacious, airy feeling which is exactly what you’re going for. But you don’t have to stick to boring white walls - you can go with a pale gray or lilac. Basically there are many colors that can work as long as they’re at the lighter end of the color spectrum. This one change can make a huge difference in how spacious your room feels.


Add a Mirror

Add a Mirror Mirrors give the illusion of more light. They also mimic how a window can open a room up. You can choose a full length mirror or a smaller, more decorative one. You’ll notice that it adds a little something extra to your room. It gives it a feel of openness.


Use Hidden Storage

Use Hidden Storage The last thing you want to do in a small room is to have things stored out in the open. Therefore, you have to get creative with your storage. Clean out your closet and organize it carefully. Add shelving above your closet rack to allow you to make use of the space all the way up to the ceiling. Store things under your bed or anywhere else that’s out of sight.


Go for Sheer Curtains

Go for Sheer Curtains When you choose treatments for your windows you want to keep in mind that your windows are an important part of making your room look larger. You don’t want to hide the window. You want to leave it as open as possible. Sheer curtains are a good choice because they allow all of the natural light to shine through while still adding a decorative touch. If you feel the need for privacy, choose shades over blinds because they can be completely closed out of the way when not in use.


Sheer curtains have the added bonus of being versatile: you can combine them with heavier drapes for those nights when you crave a cozy atmosphere. During the day, push the heavier curtains aside to let the light flow in. The lightness of the fabric doesn't overpower the space, keeping everything feeling airy and open. Plus, they come in various patterns and colors, allowing you to inject your personal style without overwhelming the room. Remember, the goal is to create a sense of continuity and space, so picking the right color to complement your room's palette is key.


Be Bold in the Fight against Clutter

Be Bold in the Fight against Clutter Clutter is not your friend. This is true for everyone but it’s especially true for those of you that have a small room. Clutter will make your room feel overwhelming. It can give your room a claustrophobic feel that you absolutely don’t want. Be bold in fighting clutter. If it isn’t something that you truly use, get rid of it.


Place Furniture Carefully

Place Furniture Carefully This is another illusion that works very well. Place your furniture out from the walls a bit. It doesn’t have to be much. Even six inches will make a difference. When you do this, you’re giving the illusion that you have the space to place your furniture in a relaxed manner. Placing every piece of furniture as close to the wall as possible shouts that you’re limited on room.


Leave Some Empty Space

Leave Some Empty Space It’s good to leave a bit of empty space in a small room. It’s hard to do this but it can make a big difference in the size that your room is perceived to be. Even a bit of empty space on a bookshelf or a nightstand can help. The way to accomplish this is to make sure that you aren’t cramming everything completely full. Leaving a bit of empty space gives your room a relaxed, open feel.

These are 7 tricks you can use to make your room look more spacious. Which of them do you plan to try? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Actually darker colors recede while light colors appear closer so a dark colored wall can appear further away, creating the illusion of space.

I like everything in pic.#6

I agree! So pretty! I love ornate details!

Also elevating a certain portion of a room by a few inches gives an illusion of space.

I love that mirror in #2

I don't get how putting furniture away from the wall can possibly make a room appear bigger....

I will try out #5, it does sound sensible

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