7 Curtain Rods That Are Easy to Make and Easy on the Budget ...


Looking for a lovely home DIY that will be fun to do but is also quite affordable? If you also happen to be looking into cute curtain-related projects, the following are perfect. We have here a list of beautiful and inexpensive curtain rods. I bet you will be able to make some of the following using items that you already have in your home.

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Branch That's right, this DIY curtain rod is made of a branch. Won't this be perfect for a little lady's room with a fairy or woodland theme? The one you see above was spray painted white before it was used to hang the curtain. To hang the painted branch, you will use standard rod brackets. You can get some at Home Depot. You can also forgot the small twigs part and use a thicker branch for a more sturdy look.

Source: lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.blogspot.com



Shelf The great thing about this curtain rod idea is that not only will it keep your curtains up, it also doubles as a storage unit. For this project, you will need a pair of those decorative shelf brackets. Choose a pair with lovely scrolls so that you can have holes through which you insert your curtain rod. Do not forget the upper shelf unit so that you will have space for storing whatever you fancy.

Source: whiletheysnooze.blogspot.com


Drawer Knob

Drawer Knob This is one DIY curtain rod idea that you can do using items that you probably already have at home. An electrical conduit was used here for the rod. The finials were knobs found at a second hand store. You might already have some with nice designs so you can probably use those. If you can't find a way to screw the knob to the conduit, insert a piece of wood and then use said wood to adhere the knob. Hot gluing should work, too, but you will have a hard time removing the curtains.

Source: redflycreations.com


Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Pipe This is, without a doubt, one of the more popular ways to DIY a curtain rod. Not only is it a cheap DIY version of a pricey “big store” product, it will also lend your home a chic industrial vibe. Check out the link below for the complete list of materials needed to make your very own galvanized pipe DIY curtain rod. You can spray paint your finished rods or you can leave them as is, showing the lovely galvanized look of the pipes.

Source: remodelista.com


Reclaimed Wood + Hooks

Reclaimed Wood + Hooks How lovely is the rustic style of this DIY curtain rod? You will need an old piece of wood and several hooks for this project. Before you start with this DIY, though, you will need to buy your curtains first. Why? Because the tabs of the curtain will give you an idea how many hooks to buy and how to space them along the wood or plank.

Source: oliveandlove.com


Distressed Pipe

Distressed Pipe The structure of this DIY curtain rod is similar to the galvanized pipe idea. But for an added visual appeal, the gator tubing or pipe was given a distressed style. The process is a bit complicated and calls for the use of power tools. Fire is involved. Check out the complete tutorial below for the step-by-step guide. Take note: do not attempt this distressing process without plenty of preparation.

Source: thegoldensycamore.com


Wooden Ball Finials

Wooden Ball Finials We have here a home décor DIY that is very similar to the drawer knob idea. This is a great option for those who can't find knobs that is plain or minimalist enough for their needs. You get a couple of wooden balls instead and then use them as your rod finials. Easy!

Source: bystephanielynn.com

Go ahead and give your curtains a new look using one of these DIY curtain rods. Happy making!

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