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Fab Decorating Tips for Your Memorial Day Party This Year ...

By Eliza

Memorial Day is the perfect chance to showcase your love of America while also remembering those who have died serving our country. Chances are, you get the day off and want to celebrate with friends and family. If you're throwing a barbecue to mark the occasion, here are all the decorating ideas you could ever want or need. Enjoy your party!

Table of contents:

  1. Patriotic bandana tablecloth
  2. Easy memorial day party utensil holders
  3. Patriotic wreath
  4. Quick and easy paper chain
  5. Easy memorial day tablescape
  6. Memorial day chalkboard
  7. American flag mason jars
  8. Easy plant pots turned into patriotic decor
  9. Flags on the table
  10. Red, white and blue star wreath
  11. Lollipop centerpiece
  12. Wooden fireworks that you can also use for the 4th of july
  13. Patriotic themed candy table
  14. Flags in a jar
  15. Memorial day picnic table
  16. Patriotic streamers
  17. Flower pot with flags
  18. Painted bricks filled with flowers
  19. Patriotic casual bunting
  20. Diy patriotic outdoor garland
  21. Flags in jars with candles
  22. Tin can luminaries
  23. Star candles
  24. Overhead garland with lights
  25. Patriotic starburst bouquet
  26. Free printable patriotic banner set
  27. Patriotic table with lanterns and confetti
  28. Blue jars filled with white and red flowers
  29. Glittery usa sign
  30. Patriotic crafts turned into decor
  31. Stars on the grass
  32. Vintage americana decor
  33. Fourth of july mantle and paper medallion
  34. American flag door decor
  35. Hanging paper starbursts
  36. Red and white fabric plus navy blue yarn
  37. Patriotic ribbon topiary
  38. Red, white and blue hanging lanterns
  39. Easy patriotic luminaries
  40. Woven crepe paper table runner
  41. Totally decked out table
  42. American flag party lights
  43. Pot full of flowers
  44. Bandana utensil bundles
  45. Welcome to my home
  46. Red, white and blue star garland
  47. Memorial day apothecary jars
  48. Holiday lanterns

1 Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth

Source: Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth, 4th of

2 Easy Memorial Day Party Utensil Holders

Source: Patriotic Tin Cans

3 Patriotic Wreath

Source: Holiday Wreaths - 4th of

4 Quick and Easy Paper Chain

Source: Quick and Easy Fourth of

5 Easy Memorial Day Tablescape

Source: Memorial Day & July 4th

6 Memorial Day Chalkboard

Source: Annual Memorial Day Party Prep

7 American Flag Mason Jars

Source: red, white & blue mason

8 Easy Plant Pots Turned into Patriotic Decor

Source: 4th of July BBQ Condiment

9 Flags on the Table

Source: Tablescape for the 4th of

10 Red, White and Blue Star Wreath

Source: Memorial Day & July 4th

11 Lollipop Centerpiece

Source: 4th of July Themed Wedding

12 Wooden Fireworks That You Can Also Use for the 4th of July

Source: Patriotic Party Crafts, Decor, Recipes

13 Patriotic Themed Candy Table

Source: GreyGrey Designs: adult

14 Flags in a Jar

Source: Parsimonious Décor Darling: Set Your

15 Memorial Day Picnic Table

Source: StoneGable: Memorial Day Table

16 Patriotic Streamers

Source: Hang Out in the Backyard

17 Flower Pot with Flags

Source: Patriotic Decorations

18 Painted Bricks Filled with Flowers

Source: DIY Patriotic Decor: American Flag

19 Patriotic Casual Bunting

Source: Sweet Baby Pate: Fun Ideas

20 DIY Patriotic Outdoor Garland

Source: Fun Home Things

21 Flags in Jars with Candles

Source: Patriotic Party: 25 DIY 4th

22 Tin Can Luminaries

Source: Fourth of July DIY Home

23 Star Candles


24 Overhead Garland with Lights

Source: Getting Together :: Memorial Day

25 Patriotic Starburst Bouquet

Source: Patriotic Starburst Bouquet

26 Free Printable Patriotic Banner Set

Source: Free Printable Patriotic Banner Set

27 Patriotic Table with Lanterns and Confetti

Source: Between Naps on the Porch

28 Blue Jars Filled with White and Red Flowers

Source: Memorial Day Food And Crafts

29 Glittery Usa Sign

Source: DIY Memorial Day Decor

30 Patriotic Crafts Turned into Decor

Source: 35 Randomly Patriotic Etsy Crafts

31 Stars on the Grass

32 Vintage Americana Decor

Source: VIntage Americana Fourth of July

33 Fourth of July Mantle and Paper Medallion

Source: Huckleberry Love: Fourth of July

34 American Flag Door Decor


35 Hanging Paper Starbursts

Source: DIY Tutorial: Paper Starbursts

36 Red and White Fabric plus Navy Blue Yarn

Source: Easy 4th of July Decorations

37 Patriotic Ribbon Topiary

Source: Whitney Caroline Designs: Patriotic Polka

38 Red, White and Blue Hanging Lanterns

Source: Memorial Day decor ideas

39 Easy Patriotic Luminaries

Source: DIY Patriotic Crafts and Decorations

40 Woven Crepe Paper Table Runner


41 Totally Decked out Table

Source: The Tablescaper: Patriotic Dinner Party

42 American Flag Party Lights

Source: Beautiful Ideas for 4th of

43 Pot Full of Flowers

Source: All American Red White &

44 Bandana Utensil Bundles

Source: Getting Ready for Memorial Day

45 Welcome to My Home

Source: Prettify Your Life: Episode 101

46 Red, White and Blue Star Garland

Source: All American Red White &

47 Memorial Day Apothecary Jars

Source: 4th of July Decor Ideas

48 Holiday Lanterns

Source: Holiday Lanterns

I bet you want to have a Memorial Day party now, don't you? I can't wait to decorate for mine! Which ideas are you going to use?

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