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I don’t know about you, but I love redecorating. However, I absolutely hate the price tag that comes along with it. When I want to redecorate, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals, tips, and tricks to help save a buck or two. If you want to redecorate a room in your home, but really don’t want to spend more than $50, I can help you do that. It might not seem possible, but trust me, I’ll help you redecorate your room for barely any money at all with these quick tips!

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Get the Spray Paint out

Get the Spray Paint out You would be surprised just how easily you can give new life to a piece you already have in your room with a little bit of spray paint. I was recently redecorating my cousin’s bedroom, and we were creating a gallery wall in her room. She had a white sign that said “Love” that she wasn’t crazy about anymore. I spray-painted it gold, and it instantly became the perfect addition to her gallery wall. It’s crazy just how much spray paint can change the simplest pieces.


Only Shop from Sales

Only Shop from Sales If you’re looking to re-vamp your room for under $50, limit yourself to the sale section. It may be tough, but it’s the easiest way to save money. Search your local home décor stores for the best sales. When I was redecorating my cousin’s bedroom, we happened upon a sale at Hobby Lobby that was 80% off of home décor. We found so many prints and throw blankets for about $2-$5 each. You just need to keep a close eye out for sales!


Look at Pieces with an Open Mind

Look at Pieces with an Open Mind Just because something doesn’t look how you pictured it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like how you pictured it. For example, my cousin really wanted a gold fake deer head for over her bed. We found one, but it cost a small fortune. As we wandered around craft stores, we found a cardboard fake deer head. I sprayed it gold with spray paint, and the rest was history.


Add Some Curtains

Add Some Curtains What is it about curtains that instantly change the feel of a room? They’ll add a nice, airy touch if you’re looking to open your room up. Plus, they’re usually pretty cost-friendly and easy to find on sale in stores.


Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Create Your Own Gallery Wall Gallery walls sound like they’ll cost a fortune, but they don’t need to. Simply find pictures you love, whether online or in a store, and either frame them or decoupage them to canvases. It’s one of the cheapest touches you can add to your room, and it looks so dramatic and chic.



De-Clutter One of the biggest aspects of revamping your room is de-cluttering. You could honestly give your room an entirely new feel just by de-cluttering your room. You may even feel like you don’t need to do any redecorating after you get rid of a lot of the clutter in your room!


Make Your Own Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows If you have pillows already, there’s no need to spend a small fortune buying new ones. Instead, go to your local craft store and buy some fabric that you love. Sew it into a pillowcase that fits around the pillows you already have, and you’ve given your pillows a new life!

What are your go-to tricks for revamping your room on a tight budget? Let me know what you try to do in the comments!

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I love redecorating my room. Usually, I just rearrange the furniture and change out my bedspread.

@JM Yes, a spray can! You can make lamps, furniture, decor, and so much more whatever color you want! Great tips!

Spray can???? I liked the other ideas though...

I like the canopy idea on the bed, good for keeping out Mosquitos.

I wouldn't tag my own wall.

Gold love sign, gold cardboard deer... Your cousin must have an interesting room.

I'm with Emma.. Re-arranging furniture! ..And buying storage boxes of all sorts!

If you look on youtube at room diys there are some really nice ones and just about all of them are really cheap

Nice trying any of them. Ty.

My love... Decorating😂

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