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Looking for a fun décor project for your home? A DIY mirror is a fantastic choice. The following are the full-length variety that will surely get a lot of uses in any room in your house. They range from modern and simple to classic as far as design goes. Some are great recycling projects, too. Hope you like them!

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Make a Stilted Mirror

Make a Stilted Mirror Look at this minimalist DIY full-length mirror. Pretty, right? This looks like an easy project, too. Materials needed are wooden handrails, door mirror, spray paint, industrial adhesive, a compact router, and some duct tape. You will want to pick handrails with one flat side so that you can make your slits easily.

Source: francoisetmoi.com


Give an Old Mirror a Makeover

Give an Old Mirror a Makeover Not all DIY full-length mirrors we featured here are projects that you start from scratch. A couple of ideas are simple makeovers. This chalk painted one is an example. This mirror used be in dark wooden brown. The frame and stand were covered with turquoise chalk-based paint and then distressed using steel wool. Easy and fun!

Source: wherethesmileshavebeen.com


Make a Colorful Leaning Mirror

Make a Colorful Leaning Mirror This screams whimsical Boho style and it's calling out my name. If you want to make one for your home, you will be needing a frame-less door mirror, wooden boards, paint in several lovely colors, and wood stain. The first step is to construct the backing to which you will mount your mirror. You then add your colorful strips and wood stain to give the boards a more beautiful look. Let dry and attach the mirror using wall-mounting clips.

Source: plasteranddisaster.com


Add Storage to a Full-length Mirror

Add Storage to a Full-length Mirror Look at this beautiful leaning floor mirror! If your home has that rustic and natural look, using dark wood stain to frame your DIY mirror is a fantastic idea. Of course, making a mirror with side storage is even more fantastic. We could all use extra storage for the overwhelming number of jewelry that litter our dressers.

Source: build-basic.com


Add Gold Leaf Paint

Add Gold Leaf Paint This is an easy full-length mirror DIY that you can do to an old piece. Before you add gold leaf paint to the frame, you will want to protect your mirror first. Painter's tape should do it. If you can't find gold leaf paint, some normal metallic variety should work for this project as well.

Source: thehomesteady.com


Fashion a Minimalist Stand

Fashion a Minimalist Stand Frame-less mirrors are great for many types of DIY home projects. We already featured several framing ideas here. This one will give you instructions on how to make a raw-finished stand for a frame-less mirror. If you want to make one for your home, you will need pine board measuring 1” in width. You will also need wood glue, felt, scissors, band saw, and several other tools.

Source: themerrythought.com


Frame a Mirror with Tiles

Frame a Mirror with Tiles This is a beautiful full-length mirror DIY that you can do with the help of 2-inch tiles, wooden trims, and a piece of plywood backing. The mirror used here is also the frame-less kind. It was glued to the plywood and was then framed with wood trim and tiles.

Source: allparenting.com

We have an ugly gold-framed floor mirror in our bedroom. I will be giving it a much-needed makeover once I hit publish. I think the chalk paint idea mentioned here would be perfect.

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