Fab Windowsill Planters for Girls Short on Space ...

By Eliza

Fab Windowsill Planters  for Girls Short on Space ...

If you don't have a yard (and even if you do), you can bring some plants into your life by creating some window boxes for your sills and balcony. Having live plants boosts mood and air quality and gives you something to take care of and enjoy that isn't a ton of work. Don't know where to get started? Here are some outstanding ideas for window boxes. As you'll see, they don't even have to be an actual box. Check it out!

Table of contents:

  1. put lavender in a small metal tub
  2. use mason jars in a box - indoors or out
  3. spice containers used as mini pots on your windowsill
  4. tin can planters are perfect inside, but also work outside
  5. flowers in a teacup on your windowsill
  6. diy wooden box for windows and balconies
  7. cheap cacti = pretty little plants that are easy to take care of
  8. spare wood and bottles make a fabulous windowbox
  9. this diy wooden succulent planter is great in the window or on the table
  10. use chalkboard paint to label your plants
  11. an outdoor window box is ideal for trailing plants
  12. succulent garden boxes made from pallets
  13. personal herb gardens for your kitchen window
  14. turn old tea tins into a window box
  15. cute inside and outside
  16. group these together for your balcony
  17. adorable mason jar planters become a window box in a row
  18. modern white pots for your windowsill herb garden
  19. this is a great idea for your balcony
  20. make a pocket wall planter for your deck
  21. check out this rustic design
  22. these individual boxes are easy to diy and look great too
  23. use this idea for your balcony
  24. this stacked "box" is great for small windowsills
  25. make a hanging garden in the kitchen windowsill
  26. window box lavender planter made out of a basket
  27. this windowsill rocks!
  28. handmade pots on your balcony
  29. hang some plants above your window box for more drama
  30. stenciled chalkboard flower pots can stand in for a traditional box
  31. hollow out a small log and fill it with plants
  32. white kitty planters are great for kids' windowsills
  33. diy rustic wood planter from fence slats
  34. find used tea pots or currently owned pots that are chipped or damaged
  35. make this 10 minute succulent windowsill box
  36. lettuce growing in a gutter on the inside window ledge
  37. a row of pots on your balcony
  38. indoor window boxes like these are perfect

1 Put Lavender in a Small Metal Tub

lavender,plant,flower,english lavender,grass,

2 Use Mason Jars in a Box - Indoors or out


3 Spice Containers Used as Mini Pots on Your Windowsill

green,flower arranging,plant,floristry,produce,

4 Tin Can Planters Are Perfect inside, but Also Work outside


5 Flowers in a Teacup on Your Windowsill


6 Diy Wooden Box for Windows and Balconies

flower,plant,flower arranging,floristry,garden,

7 Cheap Cacti = Pretty Little Plants That Are Easy to Take Care of

plant,food,cactus,land plant,flower,

8 Spare Wood and Bottles Make a Fabulous Windowbox

Avanity,flower arranging,floristry,flower,art,

9 This DIY Wooden Succulent Planter is Great in the Window or on the Table

flower arranging,floristry,green,flower,plant,

10 Use Chalkboard Paint to Label Your Plants


11 An Outdoor Window Box is Ideal for Trailing Plants

green,window,interior design,sash window,window covering,

12 Succulent Garden Boxes Made from Pallets


13 Personal Herb Gardens for Your Kitchen Window


14 Turn Old Tea Tins into a Window Box


15 Cute inside and outside

plant,tree,flower arranging,rosemary,herb,

16 Group These Together for Your Balcony


17 Adorable Mason Jar Planters Become a Window Box in a Row

plant,land plant,flower,flowering plant,flowerpot,

18 Modern White Pots for Your Windowsill Herb Garden


19 This is a Great Idea for Your Balcony


20 Make a Pocket Wall Planter for Your Deck

green,plant,botany,wall,flower arranging,

21 Check out This Rustic Design


22 These Individual Boxes Are Easy to DIY and Look Great Too


23 Use This Idea for Your Balcony


24 This Stacked "box" is Great for Small Windowsills


25 Make a Hanging Garden in the Kitchen Windowsill

man made object,product,flower,wine bottle,flowerpot,

26 Window Box Lavender Planter Made out of a Basket

balcony,window,interior design,facade,home,

27 This Windowsill Rocks!

room,plant,floristry,interior design,flower,

28 Handmade Pots on Your Balcony


29 Hang Some Plants above Your Window Box for More Drama

flower arranging,floristry,green,ikebana,plant,

30 Stenciled Chalkboard Flower Pots Can Stand in for a Traditional Box


31 Hollow out a Small Log and Fill It with Plants

flower arranging,plant,floristry,flower,leaf,

32 White Kitty Planters Are Great for Kids' Windowsills

stuffed toy,furniture,lighting,ceramic,plush,

33 DIY Rustic Wood Planter from Fence Slats

wheatgrass,grass family,plant,grass,produce,

34 Find Used Tea Pots or Currently Owned Pots That Are Chipped or Damaged

plant,floristry,flower,window,flower arranging,

35 Make This 10 Minute Succulent Windowsill Box

property,balcony,window,backyard,outdoor structure,

36 Lettuce Growing in a Gutter on the inside Window Ledge

handrail,balcony,baluster,outdoor structure,

37 A Row of Pots on Your Balcony


38 Indoor Window Boxes like These Are Perfect

wall,floristry,window,interior design,home, Are you inspired? Which idea would you love for your home?

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