9 Creative Work Desk Inspo for Girls with an Artistic Soul ...


9 Creative Work Desk Inspo for Girls with an Artistic Soul ...
9 Creative Work Desk Inspo for Girls with an Artistic Soul ...

One thing I love more than my workspace and table is looking at other people’s work tables and how they organize this special space in their homes. There are so many wonderful ideas out there and so much inspiration to create. Here are 9 work tables for the artist in you to get inspired from. I know I did!

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The Clean White Lines Work Table

room,product,shelf,furniture,interior design, I love how organized everything is and yet easily accessible when you’re working. And clean white lines are a classic look for any work table.
Source: rosehipsandpetticoats.blogspot.co.uk


Craft Table for Two

furniture,room,cabinetry,shelf,shelving, Love this whole set up (even though it might look like an ad for IKEA at first glance). Pretty and practical, this table is perfect for art dates! I’d love to sit with my kid at a table like this!
Source: unskinnyboppy.com


DIY Work Table

dining room,room,property,home,furniture, How pretty is this work table? It’s minimalistic and so practical. I love the colors and the affordable storage solutions the artist has in her workspace. Love!
Source: just-between-friends.com


Black & White Work Table

room,art,design,furniture,interior design, Black and white is always a striking combination to use in your house and this is an attractive work space, especially with the little pops of color.
Source: abeautifulmess.com


Multipurpose Work Table

room,home,nursery,interior design,cottage, One of my favorites on this list, I love how versatile this space is. Not a dedicated study room, this is perfect for a lot of us who have small homes. Lots of space for all your stuff and yet there is enough space to work and get around.
Source: mom4real.com


Work Table in Bedroom

room,property,home,furniture,interior design, For small spaces, a narrow work table like this works very well. With neat all storage and lots of fun wall art, this is a comfortable and snug corner to work in don’t you think?
Source: roomdecor.tumblr.com


Alcove Work Table

room,dining room,shelf,furniture,home, I absolutely love this little alcove work table and all that natural light coming in from the window. Such a perfect little corner to sit with your laptop or a sketchbook and a hot cup of tea right?
Source: myhomeideas.com


L-Shaped Work Table

room,classroom,property,desk,furniture, For those who do handmade stuff but also need to use the computer for digital work an L-shaped work table is a great idea. This way you have two work spaces in one and you’re one happy person!
Source: minimaldesks.com


Island Work Table

room,furniture,shelf,interior design,home, If you have the space, get yourself a work table like this. Can’t you just imagine being perched on a stool, writing something or maybe drawing with your kid, surrounded by all your favorite things?! And that storage on the sides of the table is so cool! Love it!
Source: thekenzers.com

If you’re of artistic bent you’ll understand the need for a work table that you can spend hours at, creating, imagining and generally having fun at. These 9 tables have inspired me and given me loads of ideas for my own table and space. What did you think? Any ideas of your own for an inspiring work table?

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I really like Number 7.

All of them are too overwhelming and have way too many things going on. It'd give me a headache to look at so many things at once.


Number 4 is so adorable. Lol

This is so cool... I like number 5 :)

One is nice love it

I'd be happy W any ORGANIZED space. Mine gets out of control every time I start a project. Frustrating af. I need a maid just to cheat up behind me and all the craftiness going on in here

I love it.....

We creatives seem to have too much of everything. And never enough! Most of these spaces are monochromatic so it's less busy. Imagine if each container was a different color. Yikes. Now that's overwhelming! Using multicolors is best in a rm w less stuff.

2, 3, and 9 look like the stools would be hard on one's back if one were hunched over...and with no back support, hunching over would be a natural tendency.

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