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When you were younger, you probably tried to fold your schoolwork into different shapes. Maybe you wanted to create a paper airplane, or maybe you were a bit fancier and tried to create a swan. Either way, you had fun doing it, and it won't be any different now that you're older. Of course, now that you've grown up a bit, you can take on some more advanced (but still easy to learn) origami designs. Here are a few of the cutest ones you can place around your room:

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Origami Heart

Grab a piece of pink or red paper to make an origami heart. You can place them on your desk, hang them on your walls, or give them to your sweetheart for a birthday or anniversary. The possibilities are endless because everyone loves the look of a heart.


Origami Butterfly

Want something to hang from your ceiling? Then you'll love this origami butterfly that you could attach a string to. You don't even need colorful origami paper for this one. A sheet of computer paper will work just fine, so there's no need to rush out to the store for materials. You can start right now!


Origami Magic Ball

Here's another fun design to hang from your ceiling. This one will take a little longer than most of the others, so make sure that you're in the mood to be patient. If you're not, then you're bound to mess up or end up tearing the paper. That's why you might want to do this activity with a few friends, to make sure the time passes by quickly.


The Origami Magic Ball, with its intricate creases and mesmerizing symmetrical pattern, adds a truly enchanting touch to any room. It's an origami challenge that rewards your effort with a unique decorative piece that's sure to spark conversations. While some might find the process a little daunting at first, once you get the hang of it, you'll be creating these little marvels with ease and grace. And remember, the beauty of this craft lies not just in the final product, but in the joy of folding and the peace that comes with this meditative process. So grab your finest paper and let's get folding!


Origami Star

This video isn't in English, but there are subtitles so you don't have to worry. Besides, you don't even need to listen to the words as long as you follow the man's hands and do exactly as he does. Just be careful, because you're going to need a box cutter or pair of scissors for this one.


Origami Swan

This one is a little more difficult, so you should try a few of the other designs before you attempt it. Since it's a swan, it's another design that you should feel free to create with plain computer paper. If you're finding it too difficult, then check out the tutorial for a Crane that was by the same Youtuber.


Origami Bow

This one is absolutely adorable! It's a bow that you can place on your walls, attach to a gift, or even try to balance in your hair. You're going to need scissors for it, though, so make sure you're extra careful. You don't want to cut yourself--or even worse, ruin all of your hard work.


Origami Rose

Want to give flowers to a special someone, but can't afford a dozen roses? Then you should create a rose out of paper! It'll make a great gift for Mother's Day or for an anniversary, and you can even place them in vases so that they look as lifelike as possible. It's a super cute idea that anyone would love!

Origami will impress your little cousins, but it'll impress your coworkers, too. It's something people of all ages can appreciate. Are you talented at creating origami? What's the coolest thing that you know how to make?

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One day I will teach myself how to make a rose - I do love making swans, stars and butterflies though, particularly butterflies actually :D I'm an origami nerd! Been doing it since i was 6 and now 24 lol

I absolutely suck at origami . Hopefully these videos will help

How great will my room look now

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