DIY Decorating Tips That'll Turn Your House into a Home ...


DIY Decorating Tips That'll Turn  Your House into a Home ...
DIY Decorating Tips That'll Turn  Your House into a Home ...

DIY decorating is so much fun when you're trying to turn a house into a home. You can buy any number of different furniture items or implement various decor schemes, but nothing makes your home feel as homey as when you're making it yourself. If you feel the same, I'm sure you're going to love this list!

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Cute Box

red,furniture,table,floor,wood, Source: 21 Ingenious Ways to Hide
Hide unsightly cords in a box that you can decorate yourself to look like home decor!


Menu Board

text,font,picture frame,advertising,blackboard, Source: DIY Menu Board
Turn an old picture frame into a menu board to make your house feel more like your home!


Shower Curtain Ring Organization

fashion accessory,pattern,brand,textile,design, Source: 8 Clutter Problems Solved by
Organize your scarves with shower rings on a hanger!


Space-Saving Laundry Room

Majuscule,shelf,furniture,product,drawer, Source: The 36th AVENUE Top 10
If you don't have a lot of room to spare in your laundry room, try stacking baskets in an old dresser like this!


DIY Headboard

furniture,product,bed,bed sheet,textile, Source: How To Make A Diamond
Grab some fabric to create a DIY tufted headbord for your master bedroom!


No Sew Pillow Cover

bed sheet,product,art,furniture,textile, Source: How to make a super
Do you want new pillows? Try this DIY no-sew guide for a quick refresh to your house!


Fall Mason Jars

play,art,illustration,FALL,MASON, Source:
Illuminate your house with this cute DIY.


Rustic and Modern Wall Decor

flower arranging,flower,floristry,centrepiece,art, Source: Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a
No matter how your house is decorated, this would look amazing!


DIY Porch Decor

art,lighting,interior design,column,ーーーフ, Source: 40 Cool DIY Decorating Suggestions
A 2x4 and some paint can make this beautiful porch a reality in your home!


Rolling Vanity

CIMB Fiesta,room,product,furniture,play, Source: 13 DIY Solutions That Will
Keep your makeup and hair tools organized no matter what with this Ikea rolling cart!


Pallet Storage

furniture,shelf,shelving,product,wood, Source: 26 Ingenious DIY Ideas For
Organize your cookbooks in your kitchen with this pallet bookcase hack!


Distress Yourself

red,footwear,leg,tool, Source: The Ripped Effect - The
Paint your furniture and then distress it yourself with this duct tape hack!


DIY Pallet Sign

poster,wood,illustration,book,HOM, Source: How to Stencil a Pallet
Make your home comfortable with this cute pallet sign!


Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

food,dish,meal,cooking,produce, Source: How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones
We all love the smell of cinnamon pinecones, and now you can make them yourself!


Lit up Hallway

poster,advertising,art,modern art,brand, Source: 20 Magical DIY Christmas Home
Make your home cozy this winter with this cute DIY!


Faux Flower Mirror

color,pink,picture frame,art,petal, Source: 23 Lindos tips para convertir
Turn a boring full length mirror into a statement by hot gluing on faux flowers.


One of a Kind Glasses

color,surfboard,surfing equipment and supplies,glass, Source: Add a Pop of Color
Turn your old glasses into something cool and new with this easy DIY.


Ikea Lantern Hack

gazebo,lighting,outdoor structure,table,canopy, Source: Spring Home Tour - Setting
These Ikea lanterns can easily be personalized with just a little bit of paint to fit your home decor!


Sweater Pillows

furniture,wool,textile,flooring,bed sheet, Source: Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows - Tidbits
Round up some of the old sweaters that no one wears anymore and easily turn them into cute throw pillows!


Paper Pom Poms

wood,flooring, Source: 15 Wonderful DIY Ideas For
These would look so cute hanging around a rustic home!


Mason Jar Change Bucket

mason jar,product,bottle,drinkware,glass bottle, Source: 5 DIY Dorm Decorations
Keep change handy with this cute mason jar and wood DIY!


Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Walgreens,yellow,product,lighting,bottle, Source: DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder
Throw out the tissue box for this cute mason jar DIY.


Bed Frame DIY

furniture,product,shelf,table,lighting, Source: 20 Bedroom Organization Tips To
Make your own bed frame with shelves from Ikea. Extra storage plus a gorgeous bed frame? You can't go wrong!


DIY Mercury Glass Vase

lighting,drinkware,glass,bottle,Mercury, Source: DIY Mercury Glass Vase
Turn an old vase into a mercury glass vase that'll look so chic in your home!


Spray Paint over Lace

furniture,product,chest of drawers,bed,bed sheet, Source: 30+ Awesome DIY Furniture Makeovers
Create a new twist on an old dresser by spray painting over lace!

What's your favorite DIY decorating tip on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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