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Address signs are surprisingly hard to come by. Most of the time, when an address sign is really cute, it's a DIY project. If you're looking for address signs but can't find any that you love, you may just need to do some DIY projects from this list!

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Fall Explosion

Fall Explosion Source: Fall Front Porch
Paint your address on pumpkins this fall instead of carving them, and then stack them for the cutest autumnal address sign!


Planter Address Sign

Planter Address Sign Source: Wander Through The Best of
These stacked flower planters are so cute and so creative for displaying your address!


Illuminate with LEDs

Illuminate with LEDs Source: Luxello Modern LED House Number
Illuminate your address sign by hiding LED lights behind the numbers.


Metal and Wood

Metal and Wood Source: New house numbers project and
Isn't this contrast of metal and wood just gorgeous?


Lantern Address Sign

Lantern Address Sign Source: DIY (Solar) Address Sign... gift
Illuminate your sign by putting your address on a lantern!


Repurpose an Old Door

Repurpose an Old Door Source: New Uses for Old Doors
Find an old door and repurpose for a shabby chic address sign!


Vintage Oar

Vintage Oar Source: Finishing Off the Front Porch
Take something simple like an oar and repaint it for a cute, DIY sign.


Incorporate It with the Landscape

Incorporate It with the Landscape Source: Remodelaholic Build a House Number
I love how this just seems like it belongs in this cute, little garden!


Wrought Iron Beauty

Wrought Iron Beauty Source: Annandale Reflective Address Sign Customized
If wrought iron is your thing, this gorgeous address sign belongs in your front yard.


The Temporary Option

The Temporary Option Source: Customizable address sign
If you're indecisive, this is a great temporary option to hang on your outdoor lamp to display your address!


Address Post

Address Post Source: Address Numbers Post Planter
This simple address post is so easy to DIY!


Mason Jar and Wood Slice

Mason Jar and Wood Slice Source: Make a House Number Sign
Keep fresh flowers outside with this cute DIY address sign!


Repurpose an Old Window

Repurpose an Old Window Source: 12 DIY House Number Displays
Simply paint an old window with your address if you're looking for something shabby chic and vintage!


Rustic Sign

Rustic Sign Source: Shabby Chic Address Sign painted
This address sign is perfect for a farmhouse and absolutely gorgeous.


Succulent Hanging Planter and Address Plaque

Succulent Hanging Planter and Address Plaque Source: 12" x 20" Succulent Hanging
This is so natural yet modern that I think it's absolutely stunning!


Wooden Nautical Buoys

Wooden Nautical Buoys Source: 36 Utterly Charming Nautical DIYs
If your house theme is nautical, this DIY buoy idea is so cute!


Monogram Address Sign

Monogram Address Sign Source: Home
Simply pick up the first letter of your last name and paint your address sign on it. So adorable!


Flower Bed

Flower Bed Source: A DIY house number sign
I love the idea of incorporating a pretty flower bed like this into an address sign!


Mail Box Rustic

Mail Box Rustic Source: Easy Ways to Boost Curb
The only thing prettier than this gorgeous rustic mailbox is the address sign hanging off of it!


Paint Stick DIY

Paint Stick DIY Source: Krylon Painted Paint Stick Address
Get some free paint sticks and make an easy DIY address sign with some paint and house numbers!


Age Plywood

Age Plywood Source: 12 DIY House Number Displays
Age and stain plywood for an easy address sign DIY.


Sleek and Modern

Sleek and Modern Source: Nalle's House: PUTTING THE MODERN
If your house leans toward the more modern end, you need to invest in a gorgeous address sign like this!


Nail Art

Nail Art Source: Why Didn't I Think of
Hammer some nails into plywood for a chic yet industrial address sign!


A Little Whimsy

A Little Whimsy Source: Items similar to Wooden Sign
This whimsical sign is so pretty and quirky!


Accent Pop of Color

Accent Pop of Color Source: natalie creates: the crafty &
Pick a pop of color for your porch and then incorporate it into your address sign!

What's your favorite address sign? Will you make any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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I just love the huge numbers of American addresses. 

At our house, frosty the snowman welcomes you. I stacked pumpkins

You came up with beautiful ideas ideas too! Thank you for sharing!! :-)

These are all so cool

I use to have a tree stump carved into s bear holding my house number, before someone stole it.

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