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18 Clever Ideas for Using Picture Frames That Don't Involve Pictures ...

By Lyndsie

Picture frames are wonderful pieces of decor, but you don't have to reserve them solely for photos. Because frames are easy to come across and often cheap, especially in antique stores and thrift shops, you can buy them for cheap and turn them into something else over the course of a weekend. A little paint and a creative mindset can lead to some lovely accents throughout your home.

1 Okay, so This One's a Lie

Okay, so This One's a Lie At least I'm getting started with the lie, right? However, to be fair, you could also do this simple, shabby-chic favorite with postcards or pieces of art.

2 Display Interesting Pieces

Display Interesting Pieces This is pretty, but it makes me a little sad. Still, you can DIY the yarn frame, too!

3 Get Subway-inspired

Get Subway-inspired This is a lovely splash of color!

4 Color-block Your Walls with Inspiring Messages

Color-block Your Walls with Inspiring Messages Fully customizable, of course.

5 Store (and Show off) Your Makeup

Store (and Show off) Your Makeup Cute, right? But practical, too.

6 Make a Chalkboard

Make a Chalkboard

7 Or a Dry Erase Board

Or a Dry Erase Board

8 DIY a Pretty Pin Cushion

DIY a Pretty Pin Cushion This is adorable – plus, you never know when you need a pin or a needle or something.

9 Frame a Calendar

Frame a Calendar I can't think of a better way to stay organized, to be honest.

10 Make Your Own Mood Board

Make Your Own Mood Board So, this kind of includes photos, but whatever, we've already established I'm willing to tell fibs and include photo frames that display actual photos.

11 Decorate with Silhouettes

Decorate with Silhouettes This is so vintage-inspired that it's practically Victorian.

12 Show off Important Milestones

Show off Important Milestones You could create something like this for an engagement, a marriage, a new house, a baby, a puppy ... you get the idea!

13 Display Darling Décor

Display Darling Décor Chicken wire is a miraculous thing.

14 Get Seasonal

Get Seasonal This is actually really pretty.

15 Design an Adorable DIY Tray

Design an Adorable DIY Tray The best part about this idea is how easily you can customize it. For example, you can make an accent tray like this, or you could make a serving tray out of a larger frame.

16 Frame Some Silverware

Frame Some Silverware This is a great idea if you have a lot of odd pieces that don't match anything else. It's so quirky-cute!

17 Or Your Favorite Collections

Or Your Favorite Collections Cameras, handbags, pieces of jewelry ... endless options!

18 Make a Table

Make a Table Yep, an entire table, all on your own.

How are you going to display your picture frames!

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