31 Ways to Use Old Windows and Frames ...

By Neecey

31 Ways to Use Old Windows and Frames ...

If you want to get on the recycling/crafting craze, you really need to see these fabulous ways to use old windows. I love this because there's so much room for creativity and you can create something small and petite or something totally big and ambitious. I hope you're inspired to create something fab from these ways to use old windows.

1 Old Window Chalkboard

picture frame,wood,antique,EVERY,atamu, Via Every Family Has a Story ...
One of the ways to use old windows is to make a chalkboard. Use just one side and do something interesting or decorative on the other.

2 Chalkboard Calendar with Hooks

handbag,brand,Shrimp,Beile,the, Via Old window to chalkboard calendar
And on the chalkboard theme, create a calendar or segmented family notice/to-do board.

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3 Entrance Way Window

furniture,shelf,shelving,window, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Hooks can be used for coats or scarves or umbrellas etc

4 Photo Display

wall,furniture,window,art,interior design, Via All Things Beautiful: Old Window ...
Use it as a piece of art or for family pictures.

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5 DIY Faux Mercury Glass Mirror

LE Wagon,blue,picture frame,wall,product, Via DIY Faux Mercury Glass Mirror ...
You can buy the spray paint needed to do this.

6 Easy Christmas Card/Photo Display

room,shelf,wall,home,furniture, Via Christmas Card Display - The ...
It shows Christmas cards but use it all year round for photos and then swap them for the holidays.

7 Faux Ocean View

property,window,sash window,facade,outdoor structure, Via DIY Faux Window View of ...
Do you long to live by the sea? Stick a poster or enlarged photo to a frame and create your own sea view.

8 Display a Large Print

white,black,photograph,black and white,picture frame, Via 10 impressive ways to show ...
A cute way to display a treasured photo.

9 Painted Panes

pink,picture frame,product,art,furniture, Via Dishfunctional Designs: Window of Opportunity: ...
If your old window still has its glass, turn it into a unique piece of painted art.

10 Chevron Tray

Curry,advertising,brand,MAKE,Tray, Via How to Paint Chevron - ...
There are practical uses for old windows too.

11 Coffee Bar

blue,room,living room,furniture,shelf, Via Old Window Ideas - Craft ...
This adds such a pop of color and texture above the coffee bar area!

12 Build a Greenhouse with Old Windows

structure,urban area,stadium,sport venue,architecture, Via Alternative Gardning: Build a Greenhouse ...
This is what I was talking about when I mentioned BIG projects! I think this is one of the favorite ideas I have seen in all crafts ever. Like ever. It's utterly fabulous!

13 DIY Window Coffee Table

Atelier Voisin,home,floor,interior design,Old, Via How to Make a Window ...
Create your own unique piece of furniture.

14 Fabric Window Hall Rack

window,lighting,furniture,picture frame,interior design, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Give an old window a new lease of life as a useful piece of furniture.

15 Wall Feature

room,living room,shelf,furniture,modern art, Via It's Written on the Wall: ...
Use your creativity to deliver a fabulous piece of DIY art.

16 DIY Hanging Basket Stand

iron,fireplace,backyard,courtyard,garden, Via livemoredaily.com
What a great item for your porch or patio.

17 Art Frame

picture frame,wall,modern art,wood,lighting, Via lovelycraftyhome.com
When it comes to ways to use old window frames for art the only limit is your imagination and creativity.

18 Wine Cork Board

Diet,room,product,brand,furniture, Via Make a DIY Cork Topped ...
One window frame + a load of corks = fabulous memo board.

19 Window Wall

window,daylighting,lighting,ceiling,facade, Via 51 Creative decorating ideas for ...
These "collection" walls are very trendy right now.

20 When Frame Meets Chicken Wire

room,collage,art,picture frame,design, Via Our Prairie Home: Crafts
Chicken wire gives a chic rustic French touch to your home.

21 Cork Memo Board

ASMI,Approachable,room,wall,furniture, Via Sprucing up the home office ...
Add cork to an old frame and hey presto - a useful pin board.

22 Stain Glass Window

blue,window,glass,art,interior design, Via Glass Pebble Stain Glass Window ...
Make this with glass pebbles from the dollar store or craft shop.

23 Porch Sign

signage,advertising,lighting,picture frame,brand, Via Family Established Porch Signs
What a cute house sign.

24 Jewelry Organizer

man made object,furniture,room,shelf,product, Via Repurposed Window Pane Jewelry Display
No more problems with finding that pair of earrings!

25 Bathroom Towel Rack

wall,picture frame,iron,font,window, Via Free Roadside Window to Bathroom ...
You've seen other windows repurposed into racks with hooks but I love the idea of this for the bathroom - but I'd like more sea-themed items.

26 With Decals

picture frame,vehicle registration plate,art,sign,signage, Via My Sweet Savannah: ~my space ...
Display your favorite quote, your kids’ name or

27 Merry Christmas Vinyl

lighting, Via Little Pink Houses
Make a unique Christmas decoration.

28 Seasonal Frame

christmas decoration,lighting,picture frame,decor,interior design, Via primitive - Bing Images
Although this shows Christmas you could dress it for any season.

29 Headboard

furniture,room,interior design,bed,material, Via Creative Ways To Repurpose Old ...
Very creative! You can paint them to match your color scheme.

30 Pan Rack

drum,drums,skin head percussion instrument,lighting,musical instrument, Via DIY Craft Projects using Old ...
Use for pans or drying herbs.

31 A Chair!

man made object,furniture,room,wood,shelf, Via For the Love of Old ...
Made from an old window, newel and porch posts and a lot of flair and some carpentry skills.

I'm so inspired by these projects my house windows are not safe! Nah - don't worry, I'll pay a visit to the reclamation yard. What do you think of these projects?

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