22 Kitchen Islands That Must Be Part of Your Remodel ...


22 Kitchen Islands That Must Be Part of Your Remodel ...
22 Kitchen Islands That Must Be Part of Your Remodel ...

Kitchen islands are fabulous additions to your cooking space. They give you loads more counters and plenty of extra storage. Adding one to your kitchen is a genius idea that you'll love. You can easily buy them, but many people save a ton of money by building their own. Either way, you are going to love what kitchen islands have to offer in your home. If you need some inspiration, here are some stunning ideas to get you started.

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Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Design Via Fabulous Kitchen Island Designs
Kitchen islands with a farmhouse flair are pretty popular and work well with many design choices.


With Seating

With Seating Via Interieurideeën | Industriele lampen, wandlampen, ...
This extended kitchen island gives you some room to add chairs or stools so people can sit in the kitchen.


Chandeliers above Kitchen Island

Chandeliers above Kitchen Island Via Pictures That Make Me Drool ...
Your lighting choice can really enhance the kitchen island you choose.


Small Size

Small Size This island isn't huge, but it works in this kitchen.


Rounded Island

Rounded Island Via The Goodwill Gal
This rounded island is perfect for getting a larger piece into a smaller room. Plus, it's fun and different.


With a Sink

With a Sink Via from Gardners 2 Bergers: ✥ ...
An extra sink on your island is a super awesome addition to any kitchen. You will love having it!


Double Levels

Double Levels Via Kitchen Island Design Ideas
A two layered island looks really nice and optimizes your counter space at the same time.


Push up Some Stools

Push up Some Stools Via {Kitchen Island Re-Do}–before & after ...
A couple of stools at the island give people a place to hang out and talk with you while you cook.


Pet Feeding Station

Pet Feeding Station Via A Kitchen With Lots More ...
What a perfect way to get your pet dishes off the floor so you aren't tripping over them all the time.


Match the Kitchen

Match the Kitchen Via Black & White Kitchen Redo ...
Most people opt to create a kitchen island that mimics the cabinets and counters throughout for a cohesive look like this one.


Add a Booth

Add a Booth Via Good Ideas for the Kitchen ...
This is absolutely perfect! The booth is cozy and the island is functional. I would love this for my kitchen, wouldn't you?


L-Shaped Kitchen Island

L-Shaped Kitchen Island Via designakitchenisland.net
You can put a larger island in your kitchen by choosing one that isn't a rectangle or square shape.


The L-shaped kitchen island adds an interesting dynamic to the room, allowing for smoother traffic flow and providing distinct areas for cooking and dining. Not only does it optimize corner space often underutilized in kitchens, but it also offers more surface for meal preparation and additional storage underneath. Sleek and functional, this island shape can be a game-changer, especially when entertaining guests, as it naturally promotes interaction and engagement within the kitchen space. Consider incorporating an L-shaped design to give your kitchen a modern and highly practical upgrade.


Choose a Color

Choose a Color Via YOUR Reclaimed Rustic and Recycled ...
There's no rule that says you can't paint your kitchen island a fun color like this turquoise.


Rock Accents

Rock Accents Via Amping Up the Kid-Friendliness of ...
This look is really easy to create and gives your kitchen a glamourous look.


Chopping Station

Chopping Station Via Tag Archive for "31 days ...
This handy little addition to your kitchen island lets you scrape food scraps right into the trash can while you work.


Lots of Storage

Lots of Storage Via Jurnal de design interior - ...
This kitchen island sure doesn't fall down on the job of providing tons of storage options.


Open Shelves

Open Shelves Via All About Kitchen Islands
Shelving for cookbooks would be a must have on any kitchen island that comes into my house.


Build a Mini Fridge in Your Kitchen Island

Build a Mini Fridge in Your Kitchen Island Via 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas ...
What a genius invention! I'd fill it with healthy snacks for my kids that they could get themselves.


Island Aquarium

Island Aquarium Via This Amazing Kitchen Island Is ...
Wow! This would be a major commitment, but would sure be a great conversation piece.


Towel Bars

Towel Bars Via Home Lumber Mill: Crafting Dimensional ...
A place to hang a towel is handy to have on the side of your kitchen island.


Hidden Trash Can

Hidden Trash Can Via diycraftsmagazine.com
Not only would this keep the dogs out of the trash, but it would eliminate having to look at in the kitchen all the time.


Tiny but Useful

Tiny but Useful Via 10 Small kitchen island design ...
This kitchen isn't huge, but the little island streamlines the entire space.

What does you kitchen island look like? If you don't have one, what are your must have features?

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