9 Unique and Beautiful Trays to Make for Your Home ...

There are countless examples of DIY trays to peruse online. Most of them come with your typical form and style. For those looking for unique, though, we have here 9 tray tutorials that are absolutely fabulous. These are so good, I have no doubt that you'll be tempted to make one (or two). You'll want to make some of these unique DIY trays since they have so many uses around the house. Happy making!

1. Try a Marble-like Tile

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This is one classy DIY tray. It even looks store-bought, doesn't it? Apart from the beauty, you would love to know that it's an easy DIY. You simply glue drawer pulls to the short sides of a marble-like porcelain tile, add felt pads to the bottom, and that's it.

Source: thehappytulip.com

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