40 Magnificent Luxury Kitchens to Inspired Your Next Remodel ...


40 Magnificent Luxury Kitchens to Inspired Your Next Remodel ...
40 Magnificent Luxury Kitchens to Inspired Your Next Remodel ...

Luxury kitchens are something to look at, for sure! My kitchen is attractive and functional, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have one of these fabulous creations. For now, I have to dream about owning one, but if you're ready for a remodel, these luxury kitchens are sure to get you going.

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Tuscan Style

room,property,estate,cabinetry,home, Via Kitchen Interior Design Blog | ...
This is definitely one the fanciest luxury kitchens I've found. Can you imagine having a mural above your stove?


Luxury Hood

room,estate,restaurant,interior design,wood, Via Kitchen Cabinets - Crafted in ...
I love the hood that comes down over the island. It adds such drama to the room and highlights the materials at the same time.


Grey Cabinets

kitchen,room,property,countertop,cabinetry, Via I love this color
Grey cabinets might not work in every kitchen, but they work really well with the floor and appliances in this space.


Luxury Kitchen Pantry

room,cabinetry,ceiling,home,living room, Via 100521_EJ_alpine_0411-Edit.jpg | Evan Joseph Images
My dream home will have a pantry just like this one!


Country Style

room,kitchen,property,estate,home, Via Decor
The countryside look and feel of this kitchen doesn't detract from its luxury.



kitchen,room,countertop,cabinetry,home, Via All sizes | D | ...
The contrast in this room makes it really nice to look at and even more fun to use.


Pull out Drawers

room,furniture,cabinetry,floor,hardwood, Via Design
The drawers that pull out on the sides of the refrigerator are super handy and are something you won't find in just any kitchen.


Lots of Light

room,kitchen,countertop,cabinetry,home, Via homedecomagazine.com
There is a ton of light in this kitchen, but it's warm and welcoming at the same time.


Log Home

room,property,estate,home,log cabin, Even a log home deserves a stunningly luxurious kitchen.


Blended Fridge

man made object,furniture,cabinetry,wood,lighting, Via Bentwood New Showroom Openings in ...
Disguise your refrigerator to look like the cabinets for a truly luxurious look.


Big Window

room,property,kitchen,countertop,cabinetry, Via theestateguides.com
A big window in your kitchen lets you see a great view outside.


Eat in

dining room,room,property,hardwood,floor, Via Roseville CA Homes and Real ...
Enjoy your luxury kitchen with a place to admire it while you eat.


Two Levels

dining room,room,property,living room,ceiling, Via Kitchen Stuffs: Great albino rustic ...
This kitchen that opens to the upper level is absolutely stunning.


Big Chandeliers

room,property,dining room,estate,ceiling, Via Lindt lindor truffle Luxury life!
These huge chandeliers add a lot to this space.


Kitchen Fireplace

room,cabinetry,dining room,home,kitchen, Via Love This Kitchen
You know you have a luxurious kitchen when it features a fireplace.


Big Island

room,kitchen,property,countertop,floor, Via Stylish home: Kitchens - Part ...
The large center island gives your family and guests a place to sit as well as plenty of room to work.


The Big Island is a great addition to any luxury kitchen remodel. With plenty of counter space and seating, it provides a functional and stylish centerpiece. It can also be used to store kitchen appliances and supplies, making it a great space saver. The island can also be used for food preparation and entertaining, making it versatile and convenient. The sleek design of the Big Island adds a modern touch to any kitchen. With its beautiful and durable materials, it is sure to last for years to come. Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or to maximize functionality, the Big Island is a great choice.


Sleek and Modern

room,kitchen,countertop,dining room,interior design, Via All sizes | Elegant modern ...
This shiny and new kitchen is sure to be found in a luxury home.


Absolutely Huge

white,kitchen,room,property,countertop, Via Ideas for the House
This kitchen is gigantic and the design elements are perfect for such a big room.


White All over

room,kitchen,dining room,property,cabinetry, Via I love white kitchens.
The predominant white color makes this kitchen look huge, airy and bright.


Island with Waterfall

room,ceiling,lobby,floor,interior design, Via Calico Hills - Kitchen
It's definitely luxurious to have the waterfall effect on the kitchen island.


Dark Wood

room,kitchen,property,cabinetry,dining room, Via Inside Stories
This kitchen is so huge, which makes the dark colors stand out just right.


Dark and Light

white,room,kitchen,countertop,cabinetry, Via Clive Christian Luxury Kitchen in ...
The dark wood floors really make the white cabinets pop.


Lots of Counter Top Space

room,property,countertop,kitchen,estate, Via Dream house
I would love to have this much counter space in my kitchen!


Fancy Ceiling

room,property,estate,kitchen,home, Via Houzz - Home Design, Decorating ...
The detailing on this ceiling makes it look really rich and luxurious.


Storage Space

room,floor,hardwood,countertop,wood, Via Pinterest
The ultimate in luxury kitchens have tons of storage space so nothing has to be out on the counters.


French Feel

room,kitchen,property,countertop,cabinetry, Via Traditional Kitchen
This entire kitchen makes me think of something you'd find in a castle in France.



room,kitchen,property,countertop,cabinetry, Via iidudu.com
This luxury kitchen has everything you could ever want or need.


It's in the Details

room,cabinetry,bathroom,countertop,floor, Via Luxury Kitchen. | Antique Home ...
There is a lot of detail in this kitchen, but that's what makes it so overwhelmingly luxurious.


Comfy Seats

room,property,kitchen,countertop,cabinetry, Via Home Decor
There's nothing more luxurious than plush chairs like the ones that surround this center island.


High Ceilings

lobby,property,room,estate,ceiling, Via media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
The high, arched ceilings in this kitchen make it appear cavernous and wonderful.


Stone Work

property,room,estate,home,floor, Via Kool kitchens
The stone details in this kitchen really make it stand out.


Glazed Cabinets

room,countertop,cabinetry,kitchen,floor, Via A Detailed House
Glazed cabinets are pretty trendy right now and for good reason. Get a load of this awesome kitchen.


Natural Light

room,kitchen,property,countertop,cabinetry, Via Klasyczne białe meble kuchenne, drewniana ...
The big windows let in lots of natural light, which makes this a kitchen any luxury home should have.


Flowing Layout

room,property,dining room,estate,home, Via #1 Plumber in San Diego ...
The layout of this kitchen gives you room to move without anything getting in your way while you cook.


Unique Stove

room,property,cabinetry,countertop,kitchen, Via Beach House by Homer Oatman ...
I guarantee that no one else is going to have this great gold and white stove.


Fantastic Island

room,kitchen,dining room,property,cabinetry, Via New Jersey Real Estate: Homes ...
I love how this island looks, but it's even better with the cabinets for storage underneath.


Exposed Rafters

room,property,house,wood,floor, Via You can't choose what stays ...
The exposed rafters don't take away from the luxury in this kitchen.


Earth Tones

room,kitchen,countertop,cabinetry,home, Via HOME IDEAS
The earth tones in this kitchen make it look super luxe and really great to spend time in.


Faux Mantle

room,kitchen,property,home,countertop, Via home
There isn't a fireplace in this kitchen, but the mantle space above the stove gives you a place to display your favorite knick knacks.


Bits of Color

room,kitchen,ceiling,floor,hardwood, Via Home-Owner-Buff - HOB
This kitchen is totally enhanced with the small pops of color scattered throughout.

What's your dream kitchen? Did you find it on this list?

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All of these kitchens are too big. None of these layouts cater to someone who wants a small home. But they were all gorgeous kitchens.

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#40 is the most realistic!

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