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When it comes to kitchen tile, there isn't anything that looks more custom that hand laid tiles. I've done it myself in my own kitchen and I can tell you that it looks stunning. Laying tile isn't all that hard either. Once you get it figured it out, you'll be a pro in no time. So check out these fabulous examples of kitchen tile and get ready to be inspired.

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Matching Back Splash

Matching Back Splash Via Favorite Things Friday -
I love how the kitchen tile in this space blends with the counters and cabinets.


Patterned Kitchen Tile

Patterned Kitchen Tile Via Design Tips by Skip Sroka
Using small and large tiles on the floor adds a lot of impact.


Large Slate Tile

Large Slate Tile Via Tiny House in Norway - ...
I love slate tile! It looks luxurious without costing a ton of money.



Neutral Via DIY Show Off ~ Sliding ...
The back splash isn't the same color as the countertops, but the two work really well together.


Green Glass Subway Tile

Green Glass Subway Tile Via Our Best Tips for Choosing ...
For something really different, try green tiles in your kitchen. Or any other color for that matter.


Fancy Pattern

Fancy Pattern Via Backsplashes kitchen tile backsplashes with ...
I like how there is a bit of visual interest in this back splash without going over the top.


All White

All White Via A Classic White Kitchen
My dream kitchen is all white! I also love the herringbone floor in this one.


Pale Blue Moroccan Tile

Pale Blue Moroccan Tile Via Floor Designs Ideas : Specht ...
The shape of this tile isn't super easy to get lined up, but if you can do it, you won't regret it.


Herringbone Kitchen Tiles

Herringbone Kitchen Tiles Via Subway Tile Patterns - Transitional ...
If you thought the herringbone floors were awesome, you'll love how this subway tile looks on the back splash.


Matching Cabinets

Matching Cabinets Via How to Tile a Kitchen ...
To really tie your kitchen together, make sure the tile you choose matches your cabinets and appliances.


Stone Tiles

Stone Tiles Via Granite countertops and kitchen tile ...
Instead of the classic kitchen tile, try something different like these stones.


Limited Back Splash

Limited Back Splash Via Bar
Don't get stuck thinking the back splash has to encircle the entire room.


Horizontal Green Tile

Horizontal Green Tile Via Traditional Kitchen Ideas
If you want a pop of color, this is the tile you need.


Light Colors

Light Colors Via 40 Extravagant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas ...
Light colored kitchens are trendy right now, so choosing this light color palette lets you create something really stunning.


Fancy Pattern

Fancy Pattern Via 12 Creative Kitchen Tile Backsplash ...
There is absolutely no reason why you can't choose a fun pattern like this one instead of plain colored tiles.



Diamonds Via For the Home
Instead of laying tile the traditional way, you can angle them to create this pattern.


Shiny Black

Shiny Black Via Great Ideas: Kitchens
I really like how the black back splash is enhanced by the great black and white tile on the floor.


Lots of Texture

Lots of Texture Via Tile & Countertops: Moroccan Glazed ...
These unique tiles add a lot of texture and dimension to your kitchen.


Wallpaper Tiles

Wallpaper Tiles Via Cozy Chic - MyHomeIdeas.com
The small tiles look like wallpaper, but are easier to put up and much easier to take care of.


Looks like Money

Looks like Money Via kitchen
The tile with the cabinets and countertops just scream custom kitchen.


Blue Subway Tile

Blue Subway Tile Via White kitchen: Blue subway tile ...
Here's another great example of how you can use colored tile in your kitchen.


Shiny Silver

Shiny Silver Via Designmeetstyle: Vintage industrial. Add shine ...
If sleek and modern is what you're after, this is the tile for you.



colorful Via backsplash
This tile reminds me of lounging in the pool bar in Mexico. So pretty!


Blue and White

Blue and White Via Two Weeks in Umbria — ...
You'd have to be careful to line this up just right, but it looks so awesome, don't you think?


Metallic Charcoal

Metallic Charcoal Via A Kitchen with Old-World Charm ...
This color is so pretty. I don't think you could find anything better for this space.


Perfect Squares

Perfect Squares Via Tile: Find Bathroom Tiles, Wall ...
Not all tile is a perfect square, but I really like how it looks.


Fun Design

Fun Design Via 12 Creative Kitchen Tile Backsplash ...
You won't find tile like this in anyone else's kitchen.


Fancy Floor

Fancy Floor Via bloglovin.com
If you don't want a back splash, you can always lay tile only on the floor for a custom look.


Aqua Tile

Aqua Tile Via Suggestions for Our Kitchen Backsplash? ...
The subtle color of this tile really makes it stand out.


Bright Green

Bright Green Via Perfect Kitchen Tile
Here's another great way to incorporate some color into your kitchen.


Classic White

Classic White Via gokitchenideas.com
Another stunning example of an all white kitchen.


More Blue and White

More Blue and White Via Tile ‘Splash Interior Designer in ...
I think it's really cool how each tile is a little bit different than the one next to it.


Geometric Tiles

Geometric Tiles Via It's a Deer: Day 81: ...
This fun and different shape will add lots of personality to your cooking space.


Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow Via Bohemian Homes - Bohemian Homes: ...
I think the combination of blue and yellow is ideal for a kitchen. What do you think?



Quilted Via 12 Creative Kitchen Tile Backsplash ...
This sort of reminds of a patchwork quilt. It really works with the counters and cabinets.


Another Pattern

Another Pattern Via 5 Favorites: Classic Delft Tiles ...
I like how this pattern adds accent to the kitchen without taking over.


Same on the Floor

Same on the Floor Via Home Interior Design Ideas : ...
You'd think using the same tile on the back splash and the floor would be too much, but I think it works here.


More Design

More Design Via delight for the eyes
This is really cool tile for smaller spaces.

Do you have tile in your kitchen? One of my next projects is to tile my floor. Which type is your favorite? Feel free to share your tile expertise.

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