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30 Table Runners You Can Make Yourself ...

By Eliza

Table runners are an easy way to add personality and style to your table. Making one is one of the easiest projects you'll ever do. You can start simple if you're new to sewing or go all out and make something really fancy if you have experience with sewing. Once you figure out your pattern and design, putting table runners together goes pretty quickly, which is really satisfying if you want a project done in a short amount of time. Check out these great choices and you'll be inspired in no time.

1 Tie Ribbon around Pine Cones

Tie Ribbon around Pine ConesVia HouseHunt Real Estate Blog - ...
This is one of the easiest table runners around because it doesn't require any actual sewing.

2 Patchwork Pumpkin

Patchwork PumpkinVia Patchwork Pumpkin Table Runner Pattern
Could anything be more perfect for fall? I don't think so.


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3 Match the Kitchen

Match the KitchenVia Easy No Sew Tabe Runner ...
Choose a fabric that coordinates with your kitchen for a cohesive look in your space.

4 Snowflakes

SnowflakesVia a snowflake table runner is ...
Isn't this fancy? What an impact it would make on your table this holiday season!

5 Quilted

QuiltedVia Christmas Table Runner Quilted from ...
If you can quilt, you can probably put together a cute table runner like this one in no time.

6 Snowman

SnowmanVia Snowman Table Runner - Wendys ...
This would be adorable on a buffet table for all of your winter holiday parties.

7 Crocheted Snowflakes

Crocheted SnowflakesVia Crocheted Snowflake Table Runner
I can't crochet, but if I could, I would want to make this table runner. What do you think?

8 With a Border

With a BorderVia Quick-and-Easy DIY Table Runner - ...
Choose two fabrics that go well with each other and you'll wind up with something this awesome.

9 Fabric Scraps

Fabric ScrapsVia Table Runner - A Spoonful ...
If you love sewing, chances are you have loads of fabric scraps lying around. Use them up to make this cool table runner.

10 Ruffled Burlap

Ruffled BurlapVia Ruffled Burlap Table Runner
Burlap is inexpensive and comes in lots of great colors. I like how this looks, don't you?

11 Simple Design

Simple DesignVia Samelia's Mum: “Whip it Up ...
The simple pattern on this table runner is just the right mixture of eye appeal and color.

12 Patchwork Snowmen

Patchwork SnowmenVia Patchwork Snowman Table Runner Kit
Here's another great snowman table runner to adorn your space during the winter.

13 Add a Wide Ruffle

Add a Wide RuffleVia
I love the ruffle on this table runner. It adds so much to the presentation.

14 Christmas Trees

Christmas TreesVia Addy Lou Creates: Handmade Christmas ...
It's easy to create table runners that work for any holiday you celebrate.

15 Chalet Tree Felt Runner

Chalet Tree Felt RunnerVia Tag Chalet Tree Wool Felt ...
A simple felt table runner is easy to jazz up with some embroidery floss and your imagination.

16 Black Lace and Burlap

Black Lace and BurlapVia Black Lace and Burlap Table ...
Cover any fabric runner with lace and you add instant elegance and sophistication.

17 Seasonal Fabrics

Seasonal FabricsVia Items similar to Table Runner ...
Choose fabrics that go with the seasons so your runner matches the theme.

18 Plain with Burlap Bow

Plain with Burlap BowVia Burlap Table Runner, Plain with ...
There are lots of ways to add emphasis to a plain table runner. This bow works great!

19 Create a Scene

Create a SceneVia Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas| Canadian ...
A little scene on your runners is a cute way to add your own touch.

20 Lacy

LacyVia home
A lacy border is an easy way to make your table runner stand out.

21 Block Quilt

Block QuiltVia Lilyshop Blog by Jessie Jane
Use up leftover quilt squares to make a table runner like this one.

22 Stenciled

StenciledVia Stenciled Pillows & Table Runner ...
If sewing isn't your thing, try stenciling your pattern. This looks great, don't you think?

23 Fabric Strips

Fabric StripsVia FitzBirch Crafts: Christmas Table Runner
I like how the strips look a little different than using quilt squares, but just as awesome.

24 Unique Shapes

Unique ShapesVia Sew Sew Go: Dresden Table ...
Speaking of different, these triangles look pretty great too.

25 Simple Squares

Simple SquaresVia Saltbox Harvest by Moda Table ...
A simple square pattern like this one is easy and fun to make.

26 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Black and white is the perfect color palette for matching any room in your house.

27 Ruffle Border

Ruffle BorderVia French Country Burlap Table Runner ...
Inject some fun into your day by creating a ruffled border on your table runner.

28 Middle Stripe

Middle StripeVia Natural Burlap and lace Table ...
Add a stripe down the middle of your runner for some fun. This one looks perfect for a patio table.

29 Wave Ribbon through

Wave Ribbon throughVia Patriotic Burlap Table Runner
This design lets you change up the ribbon anytime the mood strikes.

30 Short Length

Short LengthVia Easy Quilts Spring 2013
A shorter table runner is a great idea for your coffee table. I like the colors of this one.

Do you use table runners? I really love a good tablecloth, but a runner is a fun way to change things up.

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