17 Snowflake Crafts to Make This Winter Something to Remember ...


In many parts of the world, the first winter snow has already fallen, which makes it a great time to indulge in some snowflake crafts. Whether you do them with your kids, your friends or on your own, you'll end up with something beautiful to decorate with. Snowflake crafts are easy to execute and lovely to look at, so go ahead and use the ones on this list to inspire an entire winter of crafting. Don't forget to let me know how things turn out.

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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes Via Our Winter Window Display: Popsicle ...
Use paint and glitter to decorate these hanging beauties. This is one of the easiest and best snowflake crafts around.Kids will love getting in on this great craft.


Snowflake Table Runner

Snowflake Table Runner Via a snowflake table runner is ...
These snowflakes make a really eye catching table display, don't you think? Use paper or white felt to get the same effect.


Etched Snowflake Ornaments

Etched Snowflake Ornaments Via The Perfect Gift: Etched Snowflake ...
If you have a wood burner, use it to make these adorable little snowflake ornaments. These make great gifts so make a whole bunch of them.


Colorful Snowflakes

Colorful Snowflakes Via Winter Crafts - Colorful Popsicle ...
Go all out and make your snowflakes glitter and sparkle.Use sequins, beads, craft puff balls and anything else your child can imagine.


Dollar Store Snowflakes and a Foam Wreath Form

Dollar Store Snowflakes and a Foam Wreath Form Via Before Meets After: DIY snowflake ...
Not only does this come together easily, but it wouldn't cost a lot to make. Who could ask for more?


Screw Punched Snowflake Hurricanes

Screw Punched Snowflake Hurricanes Via Christmas | How To & ...
This craft takes a bit of skill, but if you can pull it off, you'll be glad you did. Use caution if you're letting the kids help so no one gets poked.


Handprint Snowflake Art

Handprint Snowflake Art Via Fun Handprint and Footprint Art
Create a winter keepsake by making this craft with your kids. Cute, huh? Make a new one each year so you can compare.


Glue Snowflakes

Glue Snowflakes Via DIY Glue Snowflakes : Factory ...
Sprinkle these with glitter and let them dry before peeling off the wax paper and hanging up.


Rainbow Snowflake Window Art

Rainbow Snowflake Window Art Via Rainbow Snowflake Window Art
What a great way to decorate any window in your house! And easy too!


Wooden Snowflake Cutouts ...

Wooden Snowflake Cutouts ... Via Pretty Christmas Door Decorations
A few of these are all you need to make a show stopping wreath like this one. Paint them festive holiday colors!


Snowflake Canvas

Snowflake Canvas Via Secrets of Segreto - Segreto ...
Once the paint dries, peel off the tape and hang this lovely snowflake on the wall.


Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint Via DIY Projects!!
Dried puffy paint makes fun and colorful snowflakes. Go for the sparkly kind for a better effect when hanging.


Hot Glue Ornament

Hot Glue Ornament Via Hot Glue Glittered Snowflake Ornaments ...
For a more natural feel, use hot glue to make snowflake ornaments.


Crocheted Snowflake

Crocheted Snowflake Via Snowflake Mania!
If you can crochet, these cute snowflakes would be perfect for tying on presents.


String Them up

String Them up String your paper snowflakes into garlands like this one and hang them all over your house. They look great in windows!


Pipe Cleaners with Beads

Pipe Cleaners with Beads Via Beaded Snowflake Ornaments
This is a fun craft for older kids and gives you some fun shiny things to hang on the tree.


Noodle Snowflake Ornament

Noodle Snowflake Ornament Who knew noodles could create something this great? Dye them with food coloring and rubbing alcohol for a colorful version.

Are you ready to start constructing snowflakes at home? Which craft will you try first? I can't wait to try the canvas and tape project. I think my kids will love that one. Let me know which ones turn out to be your favorites!

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