7 Fun Glitter Crafts for Kids to Enjoy ...

If your little girls love to sparkle and shine then they will love these glitter crafts for kids! From glowing mason jars to sparkling monograms and adorable glitter heart headbands, they will be shining bright like a diamond in their rooms and from head to toe! Glitter crafts for kids never go out of style, so whether they are in elementary school or high school, young and old alike will have fun with these ideas.

1. Glitter Heart Headband

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This is probably one of the easiest glitter crafts for kids that your little girls will love. With many of these crafts, though, they will need mom or dad’s help if using a hot glue gun. With some glitter craft paper or fabric, foam, headband, scissors, and a hot glue gun, you will have a sparkly heart headband in minutes. Check out starsforstreetlights.com for the complete tutorial.

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