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7 Totally Cool Things You Can Find on Pinterest ...

By Eliza

I’m sort of an addict because the things you can find on Pinterest are so totally awesome. I love to search specific things, but it’s also fun to just scan through everything that people post. It’s free and super simple to sign up for Pinterest, but I caution you never to get on if you’re short on time. It’s never something you can only do for a couple of minutes. These are just a sampling of the fabulous things you can find on Pinterest.

1 Recipes

I have kids who love to eat and I like trying new things, and one of the best things you can find on Pinterest is delicious recipes. Search by ingredients or just type in recipes and see what you can see. I have so many yummy new meals that my family loves. We try to choose a new one each week so that we always have something to look forward too. Plus, I’ve found a huge cache of life saving slow cooker recipes that have gotten me through many busy nights without having to go to the drive-thru.

2 Craft Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you love a good craft project. Sometimes my inspiration flags, but Pinterest always saves the day. There are literally millions of awesome projects to try. Some are weekend ideas that require some time, but others are things I’ve been able to put together in just a few minutes. My house is littered with great homemade items that always get the most compliments.

3 Home Décor Ideas

I have a ridiculously large laundry room. I always felt like it was a total waste of space until I started browsing laundry room ideas on Pinterest. Granted, I haven’t gotten very far on my redo, but there are so many great ideas on there that I keep finding new things I want to add to my laundry room. Baby nursery ideas are another great thing to search on Pinterest.

4 Educational Materials

Maybe your kid is struggling with math, or needs to practice spelling. No matter what it is, Pinterest has loads of ideas, printables and activities that can help. Download and print handwriting sheets, math practice pages or coloring sheets. Teachers find so many of their ideas here, so why not parents?

5 Party Suggestions

Anytime I plan one of my kids’ birthday parties, I check Pinterest for ideas. I’ve found some great suggestions for invitations, decorations, snacks and games. There’s really fun stuff if your child is into a specific cartoon character or a certain movie. Not only can you win parent of the year, but you’ll have a great time too.

6 Fashion and Hair Tips

If you’re like me, you stand in front of the closet and really have a hard time putting together a new and trendy outfit, even if you have all the pieces you need. Thank you Pinterest for making me look put together every day. Check it out for great fashion and hair tips, divided by season, hair length and style. Just search what you want and you’ll be inundated with pages and pages of sweet ideas.

7 Humor

Anytime I need a good laugh, Pinterest comes through. Whether it’s a silly pet photo or a particularly accurate e-card, there’s always something funny to find. Some aren’t appropriate for kids, but I’ve found some stuff that makes my kids laugh hysterically. And what could be better than that?

Do you Pinterest? Yes, I use it as a verb! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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