Fresh DIYs Perfect for Spring ...

It’s time to put away the dark, winter colors and decor, and put together some new DIY ideas for spring. Choose paint colors that are bright and cheerful, centerpieces that will bring a smile to any bad day, and plant a garden that will make the neighbors jealous. It’s time to stop delaying and get started with these DIY ideas for spring that will give you the fresh start you’ve been waiting for.

1. Potting Bench

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Whether you have a small, city garden, or a large countryside oasis, this DIY idea for spring is great for any space. A DIY potting bench can be any size you need it to be for the space you have available. You can repurpose an old dresser or cabinet as seen in this tutorial over on, or even build your own from pallet wood. This is a great DIY to put together if you are looking to organize your garden materials and don’t have a garage or shed to keep them in.

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