7 Great Unconventional Uses for an Ice Cube Tray ...


There are so many fabulous, handy uses for an ice cube tray other than just making ice! These are just seven, all of which I use regularly, and they make life so much easier. From organisation to DIY crayons, these different uses for an ice cube tray will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of them! Go wild and experiment!

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Frozen Herbs

Frozen Herbs Love growing your own herbs but hate not having them during the winter? This is one of the great uses for an ice cube tray - simply fill your ice cube tray with olive oil, add chopped herbs, then freeze. Voila! Now you have frozen herbs in oil you can use as a quick start to so many different dishes!


Jelly Shots

Jelly Shots If you love experimenting with different shots at parties, then ice cube trays are the perfect mold when making jelly shots! Just add gelatine or jelly mixture, your favourite cocktail recipe and some fresh, seasonal fruit, refrigerate and simply pop your shots out when you’re ready to serve them. Easy peasy!


Wine Cubes

Wine Cubes If you’re nearing the end of your bottle of wine, how about filling an ice cube tray with the remaining few dashes and freezing it? That way, you don’t have to worry about the air getting to your wine and ruining the flavour, and you can easily add a frozen wine cube to your cooking when making pasta or stew. Yum!


Jewellery Organisation

Jewellery Organisation Believe it or not, ice cube trays are perfect for organising your jewellery - particularly your stud earrings! The different compartments keep pairs of things separate, allowing you to find them quickly and easily if you’re getting ready in a hurry. They also stack easily, making them great if you don’t have much space!


Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs Whether you decide to keep them for yourself or give them to others as a super-sweet present, seed bombs are a great way to establish your own lovely garden! Blend water-soaked newspaper into a pulp, add seeds of your choice, strain through a tea towel then pack the papery seed pulp into the ice cube trays. Leave them to dry out completely, then use! Experiment with different shaped trays for extra cute bombs!


Crayon Crazy!

Crayon Crazy! Making crayons out of your ice cube trays is the perfect DIY project for you and your children, or as a gift for the kids of other people in your life! Just put crayon pieces into each compartment of your silicone ice cube tray (either stick with one colour or mix to create crazy swirled crayons!) and place in the oven until melted. Different shaped trays will make this extra fun!


Sunburn Cubes

Sunburn Cubes For instant, soothing sunburn relief, try filling your ice cube tray with aloe vera and freezing. The next time you find yourself burned and stinging, grab a frozen aloe vera cube and rub over the burned area. It will not only cool you down because it’s frozen, but the aloe vera will speed up healing. It’s a win-win!

Who knew ice cube trays were so versatile!? If you think outside the box, there are so many possibilities with which to play! There are so many articles on the Internet with all kinds of wonderful suggestions on them. Do you use your ice cube trays for things other than just ice? What do you make?

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I think i could use some trays for my jewellery - everything gets annoying to find!

holy cow!!! amazing!!!

my friend and I made the crayons. they're really cool!!

very impressed and inspired!!!!!!

😍 loved it!

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