7 Suddenly Cool Crafts You'll Want to Learn Now ...

The craft movement is enjoying a comeback and there’s a raft of cool crafts to try your hand at right now. You only need to look at social media to see just how popular crafting has become. Crafts like knitting, weaving, and pottery are enjoying a new lease on life thanks to their youthful reinvention. Check out these cool crafts that you’ll want to learn now.

1. Weaving

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When it comes to cool crafts right now, you can’t go past weaving. Woven wall hangings are all the rage. They’re a little bit retro, a little bit bohemian, and very on-trend. With a bit of practice and patience you’ll be able to create your own unique woven wall art. You can purchase looms and weaving kits online, or if you’re after a bit more guidance it’s worth keeping an eye out for artist workshops in your area.

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