7 Suddenly Cool Crafts You'll Want to Learn Now ...


The craft movement is enjoying a comeback and there’s a raft of cool crafts to try your hand at right now. You only need to look at social media to see just how popular crafting has become. Crafts like knitting, weaving, and pottery are enjoying a new lease on life thanks to their youthful reinvention. Check out these cool crafts that you’ll want to learn now.

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Weaving When it comes to cool crafts right now, you can’t go past weaving. Woven wall hangings are all the rage. They’re a little bit retro, a little bit bohemian, and very on-trend. With a bit of practice and patience you’ll be able to create your own unique woven wall art. You can purchase looms and weaving kits online, or if you’re after a bit more guidance it’s worth keeping an eye out for artist workshops in your area.


Weaving taps into that irresistible DIY trend offering complete personalization. Imagine choosing every color, texture, and pattern to suit your decor whims! Plus, it's a fantastic way to unplug and unwind, letting your creativity flow. If you're zealous for a sustainable lifestyle, weaving can also be an excellent outlet for repurposing old yarn, fabric scraps, and natural fibers. Transform your living space with this tactile craft that screams handmade charm. And who knows? You might just weave your way to a bustling Etsy shop or a cozy corner at the next local craft fair.



Knotwork Knotwork can come in many forms but right now the big trends are for macramé and braiding. Head to any homewares store and you’re guaranteed to see macramé pot plant hangers somewhere in the mix. Learning macramé can be as simple as looking up tutorials on the internet or purchasing your own macramé making kits. Braided jewellery is also popular, with things like friendship bracelets and knotted rope necklaces making a fashionable comeback.



Calligraphy Traditional calligraphy has taken a backseat to a more contemporary style of lettering. This contemporary take on calligraphy usually involves a more carefree approach. Letters can be messy, with brush strokes varying in intensity and size. You’ll find this kind of handwritten typography everywhere from branded logos to art prints to commercial stationery. Trying your hand at this can be as simple as dipping a brush into some ink or paint and writing down a few words.


Tie Dyeing

Tie Dyeing Tie dyeing never really seems to go away but one style in particular seems to be really popular at the moment. The Shibori method has easily become one of the most visible craft trends of recent months. This ancient Japanese method of dyeing involves folding, bunching, tying, and binding cloth before dyeing it. While you can use any colour dye, deep indigo seems to be the most popular.



Pottery With pottery, you can make anything from dinnerware to planter pots and personalise pieces to reflect your own style. For a professional finish you’ll need access to a kiln, but for the beginners among us there’s always the option of air dry clay. You don’t have to worry about your creations being perfectly symmetrical or smooth either, with imperfections adding a bit of charm to your handiwork.



Embroidery With a needle and some thread, you can spruce up any piece of fabric you may have lying around. You can can sew fun patterns, symbols, and even lettering to create an embroidered masterpiece. Make your mark on anything from cushion covers to clothing to canvas wall art.



Appliqué The art of appliqué involves attaching a small detail onto a larger piece. Usually this involves attaching a small piece of fabric to a larger piece, either by stitching or using an iron-on technique. Create fun appliquéd patterns or letters to update anything from clothing to fabric furnishings.

If you need a new hobby or just want to kill some time, then these are some crafts worth checking out. Have you tried your hand at any of these crafts? What’s your favourite crafty pastime?

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