Amazing Transformations of Dollar Store Items ...

By Neecey

Amazing Transformations of Dollar Store Items ...

I've found some dollar store crafts that result in some terrific stuff. By stuff I mean pretty things to adorn your home, things to make your life easier, or just things to make and do for the sheer joy of crafting and making something. If you love shopping for bargains and want to turn them into really cool stuff, check out these dollar store crafts.

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1 DIY Glitter Vase

lighting,candle,glitter,glass,DiY, Source: DIY Glitter Vase - My ...
Every girl needs some glitter in her life. Glitter vases are made cheap and easy with dollar store crafts.

2 How to Make Mason Jar Solar Lights

man made object,product,drinkware,bottle, Source: Dollar Store Crafts | How ...
Dollar store crafts can result in some very useful items.

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3 Raised Vase

glass,table,centrepiece, Source: Bargain Bound: Candy Buffet
You know when you see those lovely displays of tall vases with candles or even candies, they look great don't they? Be jealous no more. Make your own with candlesticks and vases from the dollar store.

4 Make Your Own Votive Candleholders

lighting,glass,brand,design,lolive, Source:
These look expensive don't they?

5 Beautiful Custom Glasses

color,art,surfboard,surfing equipment and supplies,glass, Source: Add a Pop of Color ...
Your hand-painted glasses will be beautiful and unique.

6 Vanity Stand

art,design,machine,THIS, Source: Dollar Store Crafts DIY Projects ...
Made from dollar store trays and candle holders.

7 Painted Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

iron,lighting,interior design,arch,ero, Source: Salvage Dior: Rubber Door Mat ...
O M G - painted door mats as wall art. I'm in love.

8 D.I.Y. Calendar/Notice Board

furniture,art,interior design,shelf,tine, Source: 14 DIY Organization Projects - ...
This will make it easier to stay organized.

9 Mirror Makeover

white,lighting,light fixture,ceiling,sconce, Source: Design Foraging: Objet Trouve by ...
Raid the dollar store for a pile of random items. Glue them together and spray paint all one color and attach to a mirror. Hey presto - a gorgeous mirror.

10 DIY Dry Erase Board

picture frame,musical instrument,electronic instrument,brand,drum, Source: Erase Board Frames
It's amazing what you can turn dollar store frames into.

11 Make Your Own Heat Pack

pattern,font,fashion accessory,design,art, Source: Do it Yourself No Sew ...
No sewing involved.

12 Life Size Lincoln Logs Made out of ... Wait for It ...

play,wood,product,outdoor play equipment,furniture, Pool Noodles!
Take 15 pool noodles from the dollar store, cut in half, cut notches out easily, with scissors.

13 Rag Rug

white,art,fashion accessory,textile,material, Source:
This is made from a sink mat. Join together for bigger rugs.

14 Knick-knack Transformation

art,lighting,water bird,ceramic,ISlal, Source: Dishfunctional Designs: Swanky Spray Paint ...
Turn something naff into something lovely with spray paint.

15 DIY Fabric Covered Bins

product,art, Source: tales from a cottage: DIY ...
Don't you just love fabric crafts that don't involve sewing?

16 Dresser Mirror

font,circle,illustration,pattern,make, Source: Dresser Mirror - A simple ...
Every item just makes me love dollar crafts even more.

17 Dollar Store Vases to Mercury Glass

vase,lighting,glass,glass bottle,drinkware, Source: DIY Mercury Glass Tutorial
You might not be able to get "looking glass" spray paint from the dollar store, but you'll find plenty of vases just crying out for a transformation.

18 Waste Basket Makeover

man made object,laundry,basket,wicker,home accessories, Source: Dollar Store Waste Basket Makeover
Why buy an expensive woven waste basket when you make your own.

19 Dessert Stand

light fixture,lighting,table,glass,lamp, Source: Searching the Web for the ...
Dollar store mirrors and glass candlesticks come together beautifully.

20 Starburst Mirror

ceiling,lighting,circle,light fixture,modern art, Source:
Wait till you see what you make this from.

21 Dollar Store Sparkly Candles

blue,product,brand,DIY,Spray, Source: DIY Holiday Gifts: Sparkling Spray-Painted ...
There are lots of terrific ways to pimp up plain dollar store candles.

22 Bathroom Organizer

Chef,product,label,lighting,brand, Source: Dollar Store Crafts DIY Projects ...
You could make similar ones for other rooms too.

23 DIY Turn Dollar Store Frames into a Lantern

table,product,furniture,lighting,window, Source:
Decorate or leave plain. Then stick in a candle.

24 Shadow Boxes

floor,flooring,tile,ceiling,lighting, Source: Dollar Store Crafts: Home Decor ...
Transform wooden trays from using scrapbooking paper, wallpaper or even gift wrap.

25 DIY Dollar Store Makeup Brush Holder

lighting,food,champagne, Source: Tutorial: Makeup Brush Holder - ...
Anything that organizes your beauty tools is a plus.

26 Message Boards

picture frame,chalu,boas.,RUSTOLEUM,Chalk, Source: Dollar Tree Chalkboard Tray
Cheapo silver colored trays transformed into cute message boards.

27 Magnet Board

brown,pattern,design,brand,circle, Source: Simple Handmade Gifts - Part ...
Simply a dollar store cookie sheet and some fabric.

28 Animal Bookends

product,figurine,elephants and mammoths,elephant,toy, Source: 30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar ...
Pick your favorite plastic animal.

29 Monogram Glasses

glass,wine glass,stemware,pint glass,drinkware, Source: Etched Glass Monogram - Thistlewood ...
They will add a classy and personal touch to your table.

30 DIY Jar with Decorated Lid

food,pink,dessert,icing,buttercream, Source: Forêt enchantée: DIY
Oh what uses you can put plastic animals and figurines to.

31 Photo Frame Wreath

christmas decoration,wreath,art,decor, Source: Top 10 Best Ways to ...
A bunch of small frames make a wreath you can use all year round.

32 Wall Mirror

Mathew,Air conditioning,Hasta Agotar Stock,cup,brand, Source: How To Make a Wall ...
Love it!

33 Cupcake Stand

iron,cookware and bakeware,kettle,ceramic,small appliance, Source: Decor-ganize Crafts: Tiered Dessert Plates ...
Made from stove burner covers. Too clever.

34 Stone Shower DIY with Pebble Stones

furniture,material,flooring,LOwe,, Source: The $50 Stone Shower DIY ...
Maybe you'd like to tackle a bigger project?

35 Leaf Bowl

yellow,orange,flower arranging,flower,art, Source:
Made from silk leaves.

36 Snow Globe

product,label,AFTER,Snow,Cobe, Source: PitterAndGlink: Handmade Deer Snow Globe ...
From a plastic glass to a cute ornament.

Are you as amazed as I am with these dollar store crafts?

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Wow!!! Who'd a thunk it??? {I guess someone did!}. Thanks for these!!! They DO open up a plethora of ideas, don't they?? :-D

Great site, this is a lot of stuff

I've done the makeup brush jars before!

Great ideas! I'll be adding many to my list of to do crafts!

Thanks for some great ideas

Love this !

How do you do 8?


i love this post

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