Got Your Needles Ready? 30 Knit or Crochet Projects for This Month ...

By Jennifer

Got Your Needles Ready? 30 Knit or Crochet Projects for This Month ...

1 Woven Blanket

Woven Blanket Source: ‌‌

2 Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs Source: ‌‌

3 Interweave Rapunzel Scarf

Interweave Rapunzel Scarf Source:

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4 Headband

Headband Source:

5 Basket

Basket Source:

6 Delicate Scarf

Delicate Scarf Source:

7 For Kitty

For Kitty Source:

8 Slouch Hat

Slouch Hat Source:

9 Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag Source:

10 Cute Bunnies!

Cute Bunnies! Source:

11 Another Scarf

Another Scarf Source:

12 Cozy Afghan

Cozy Afghan Source:

13 Owl Towel Holder

Owl Towel Holder Source:

14 Ear Warmers

Ear Warmers Source:

15 Quick Blankets

Quick Blankets Source:

16 Slipper Boots

Slipper Boots Source:

17 Cowl

Cowl Source:

18 Doilies

Doilies Source:

19 Mr. Sheep

Mr. Sheep Source:

20 Chain Scarf

Chain Scarf Source:

21 Handle

Handle Source:

22 Hearts Banner

Hearts Banner Source:

23 Hot Pads

Hot Pads Source:

24 Rainbow Scarf

Rainbow Scarf Source:

25 Optical Illusion Afghan

Optical Illusion Afghan Source:

26 Fabric Baskets

Fabric Baskets Source:

27 Bracelet

Bracelet Source:

28 Mug Cozy

Mug Cozy Source:

29 Mood Scarf

Mood Scarf Source:

30 Knit Pillow Covers

Knit Pillow Covers Source:

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Where do I find instructions for the crochet blanket projects?

I did the head band and it looks amazing (: it's really easy to do.

How do i get the pattern for this please?

When I get pregnant, this is all I want to do 😊

30 ideas and not one link:(



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