7 Unbelievably Easy Beginner's Sewing Projects You'll Love to Try ...


If you'd like to have a go at sewing your own clothes, there are lots of beginner's sewing projects that you can try. You don't have to use complicated patterns; in fact, you can even draw up your own simple patterns using a few basic measurements. Have a go at these beginner's sewing projects, and you'll soon be hooked on sewing …

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Easiest Shirt Ever

Easiest Shirt Ever oneaviandaemon.com

The first of the beginner's sewing projects I've picked out is this comfy loose top. The beauty of jersey fabric is that it doesn't fray, so you don't need to hem it. This allows you to whip up a top in no time at all. The top only uses half a yard of material, so it will be very cheap to make. You can use a remnant, or buy a yard and make two tops (one in the wash, and one on!).


This project is perfect for those who have little experience with sewing or are pressed for time. With its simple pattern and straightforward instructions, the shirt can be crafted with nothing more than basic sewing skills. Moreover, there's no need for complex sewing machines – a simple needle and thread will suffice. Ideal for a casual day out or a cozy evening in, this shirt will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you made it with your own two hands. Choose a pattern that reflects your personality, and before you know it, you'll have a piece that's uniquely you.


Five Minute Skirt

Five Minute Skirt angrychicken.typepad.com

I'm not sure about the title - this would take a bit more than five minutes to sew! But the principle is the same; it's a very quick and easy project to make. All it involves is making a pattern (easier than you think for a simple skirt like this), and sewing two pieces together. Then you sew on the elastic and hem the skirt. Maybe a 30 minute skirt?


This crafty creation is ideal for those new to the sewing game. Imagine selecting a fabric that bursts with personality—maybe polka dots or even stripes—and transforming it into a unique piece in under an hour. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity, while pros can whip it up in no time as a last-minute gift or wardrobe addition. The satisfaction of crafting your very own skirt is both empowering and thrilling, and it's a fantastic way to practice stitching straight lines! Grab your favorite fabric, some elastic, and thread; before you know it, you'll be strutting in a custom-made skirt that's as fun to make as it is to wear.


Dirndl Skirt

Dirndl Skirt blog.megannielsen.com

This skirt looks a little more complicated, but is still pretty easy to make. You don't need to have amazing sewing skills to make a gathered skirt like this, and the instructions are really clear and detailed. You could use a pillowcase as suggested, or buy some pretty fabric to make yourself a summer skirt. It would also look cute on your little girl.


Jersey Dress

Jersey Dress melissaesplin.com

Does a dress seem too ambitious? An easy way to make a 'pattern' is to use an existing item in your wardrobe as a template, as this project does. It uses jersey, but you could use another stretchy fabric. When sewing with stretch fabric, you need to use a zigzag stitch so that the seam can stretch with the fabric. Otherwise your seams will probably break (which could be embarrassing!).


Wrap Cardigan

Wrap Cardigan happytogethercreates.com

A wrap cardigan? Whoa! Isn't that getting a bit advanced? Well, no. You just need to read the instructions carefully (always a good idea when you're sewing!). If you're nervous, try making one from an old garment. That way, if you make any mistakes you're not wasting fabric. Also you can see where you went wrong and correct it second time round.


Elasticated Belt

Elasticated Belt lemonsqueezyhome.com

Do you have trouble finding belts to fit you? I always have to make extra holes in mine, so I'm tempted by this project. It's pretty simple to make; all you have to do is sew a tube and turn it inside out. You could use pretty much any fabric, as long as it's reasonably thick. The bow isn't difficult to make either. The belt would also look good with a flower motif.


Chiffon Maxi Dress

Chiffon Maxi Dress flamingotoes.com

This dress may seem as though it's way beyond your experience level. Read the instructions though and you'll see it's not that difficult, even though it's got a lining. Just read each step and make sure you've understood them. Then you can make yourself a lovely light summer dress.

If you're intimidated by sewing machines, try some of these projects. You'll soon see just how easy sewing can be. They're all simple enough once you understand the instructions; in fact, some of them really couldn't be simpler. Have you ever had any dressmaking disasters?

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