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If you are looking for new activities to do with your little ones, check out these creative mod podge craft ideas for kids. From pasting comic book pages on an old chair to dressing up a boring frame, there isn’t anything they can’t do with mod podge! With these fun mod podge craft ideas for kids, you will never run out of weekend projects for them to tackle. Shall we get started?

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Mod Podge Furniture

Mod Podge Furniture One of my favorite mod podge craft ideas for kids is using the product to paste old books, newspapers, comic books, or pretty scrapbook paper to dress up an old piece of furniture. It’s a great way to hide an ugly paint color without having to sand it down, prime it, and then paint over it. It really can’t get much easier than using mod podge to make something pop; check out this comic book chair makeover at justalittlecreativity.com and this mod podge map dresser at refreshrestyle.com. Two different and unique ideas yet both are so amazing and would make any kid's room a place they would want to hang out in to do their homework!


Canvas Shoe DIY

Canvas Shoe DIY Did you know there is more than just one kind of mod podge paste? There is a specific type just for fabric, and there is also a kid-friendly mod podge that will easily wash out of their clothes. What parent doesn’t love that?! So for this canvas shoe DIY you want to use fabric mod podge so you can transfer a piece of pretty fabric onto your shoe to create a unique design like this one seen at handmadehappyhour.com. I bet little ones would love to use fabric that has their favorite cartoon characters on it, how adorable would that shoe be?!


Mod Podge Hat

Mod Podge Hat Are your little girls into riding horses, wearing cowgirl boots, and rocking their pink cowgirl hats? If so, they are going to love this mod podge cowgirl hat tutorial over on cathiefilian.blogspot.com. Again, this DIY uses fabric mod podge to transfer the cut out rose print onto the hat. Isn’t it adorable?! I love the way blogger Cathie uses glitter and little gems to add a little pop of sparkle to dress up the hat even more. You could use this mod podge hat idea for an old top hat, dress up a plain birthday party hat, or to create your own witch hat like theone at inkyimpressionsrubberstamps.blogspot.com.


Mod Podge Bookmark

Mod Podge Bookmark Why buy a bookmark for your kids' favorite bedtime stories when they can make their own?! They can get creative and use different strips of colorful paper to paste onto a bookmark, design a punch out shape bookmark like the one at northstory.ca, or print out pictures of their family members or favorite animals to create a photo bookmark like the one at lovebugliving.com. These would make great gifts for your kids’ teachers or grandparents, especially the photo bookmark idea for grandma and grandpa!


Mod Podge Sunglasses

Mod Podge Sunglasses Dress up your kids’ boring sunglasses using glitter and mod podge! You can also use decorative scrapbook paper and trace out the shape of the side of your sunglasses (the part that sits on your ear) to give them a colorful makeover. Check out the full tutorial to make sunglasses in two different styles over on modpodgerocksblog.com. Did you know there is actually glitter mod podge (it has glitter pieces in the paste)? This stuff just keeps getting cooler!


DIY Clothing

DIY Clothing Your kids can become the star of the classroom with their very own DIY mod podge clothing designs! I love this printable necklace idea over on agirlandagluegun.com. Blogger Kimbo printed out a photo of her daughter’s favorite necklace design, cut out the shape of the necklace, and then mod podged it onto a plain, white t-shirt...what a genius idea! So many creative ideas and so little time to make them all!


Mod Podge Wreath

Mod Podge Wreath So, you could go so many ways with a mod podge wreath; fabric, old book pages, glitter, pretty much any creative and crazy idea you could think of. However, I saw this glitter rainbow idea and I just couldn't get over how adorable it was. Check out the full tutorial over on thepapermama.com. Pretty cute, right?!

What are some fun mod podge craft ideas for kids that you’ve made recently?

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