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If you've been dreaming of warm weather activities in the middle of winter, these fish-themed DIY projects are here to tide you over. We have here a mixed bag of fishing craft projects. Some are for keeping your kids entertained while there are also a couple that you can turn into accessories for the home. I hope you enjoy this list of fun fish-themed DIY projects!

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Magnetic Fish

Magnetic Fish This fish-themed DIY project is something that you probably remember from your childhood. It's similar to a carnival game that may or may not have taught you the value of patience. To make your handmade version, you will need fabric, round magnets, hot glue, string, and craft eyes. Make at least half a dozen of these fishes and watch the kids go crazy trying to catch some.

Tutorial Source: nadinekaren.blogspot.com


Driftwood Wall Decor

Driftwood Wall Decor Perfect for a beach cottage, this fun and easy driftwood project will remind you of summer all year long. Apart from driftwood, you will also need twine, a beach rock, and hot glue. The beach rock will serve as the eye and the hot glue will be for adhering said rock to the body of your driftwood fish.

Tutorial Source: picklee.com


Paper Mobile and Banner

Paper Mobile and Banner The tutorial linked below leads to a Dutch blog; let Google Translate assist you. However, as you will see, the post is image-heavy enough that you might not even need English translation. You will need pretty scrapbook paper, a branch, and twine for this project. For the mobile, you simply punch the mouth of the paper fishes and hang them to a branch using twine. The banner will call for folding paper fish around the twine.

Tutorial Source: ing-things.blogspot.nl


Soapy Sock Fish

Soapy Sock Fish These are crazy cute! Making bath time fun for kids is a serious subject. One of the ways that you can entice the little one to take a bath is to provide him with lovely bath time friends. These soap socks are great examples. Simply embroider eyes near the toes of a colorful sock. Put soap inside and tie with a string to secure.

Tutorial Source: spoonful.com


You'll be amazed at how a simple sock can transform into a delightful aquatic playmate. Embroidering the eyes adds that personal touch, making each soapy sock fish unique. It's also a great opportunity to teach your kids some basic sewing skills! Once the soap is snuggly tucked inside and secured, your child will be all set for a splashy good time. The soap will lather through the fabric, making it an effective and engaging cleaning tool. Plus, when the soap is gone, just open the sock, pop in a new bar, and it's ready for more bath time adventures.


Wire Jewelry

Wire Jewelry How pretty! If you love all sorts of wire crafting, you will definitely enjoy this fun fish-themed DIY project. This is as simple as making the wire frame and then filling in the details by looping more wire. Don't forget to add beads for the eyes. Using sequins for the body is highly recommended for a scale-like look. After construction, use these cute things as charms or wind chime components.

Tutorial Source: handmade-jewelry-club.com


Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish Look at this cutie! Would you believe that this used to be a microfiber chenille mitt? They come in various colors but since you're making a puffer fish, you will want to pick orange. The eyes were constructed using felt but if you want a quicker project, gluing store-bought craft eyes will work, too.

Tutorial Source: craftpassion.com


Fish Softie

Fish Softie This is a great fish friend to make for a baby. The great thing about this is that you can construct it using fabric scraps. For the tail, it is recommended to make a loop of some kind so that you can hang this fish toy on the baby's stroller or crib.

Tutorial Source: madebyjoel.com

I cannot guarantee that these fishing craft projects will make summer come sooner. However, I can say without a doubt that they will make your home and your kids a lot happier during these cold days. Which one will you try first? Happy crafting!

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I love the fish mobile and banner idea and the wire jewelry! Will have to give those a try ASAP!

Love the assorted door knobs at the top to hang jewellery scarves etc from

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