7 Gorgeous Easter Wreaths to DIY for Your Door ...

Getting your home ready for spring involves making a DIY Easter wreath... or maybe two! We have here a list that is sure give you lots of crafting fun. Some of these handmade Easter wreaths are so easy that you may be able to employ your kids help in the assembly. Most of these will call for cute artificial Easter eggs. So the next time you go to the craft store, make sure to purchase several packs.

1. Framed Bunny

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This is a cute Easter wreath DIY idea that will require some eggs, Easter grass, doily frame, pretty scrapbook paper, a bunny silhouette, and of course, a wreath form. The main star of this lovely door dΓ©cor would be the bunny in its lovely doily frame. If you can't find the latter, you can always fashion one using thick cardboard.

Tutorial Source: yellowdogpress.com

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