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7 Gorgeous Easter Wreaths to DIY for Your Door ...

By Meream

Getting your home ready for spring involves making a DIY Easter wreath... or maybe two! We have here a list that is sure give you lots of crafting fun. Some of these handmade Easter wreaths are so easy that you may be able to employ your kids help in the assembly. Most of these will call for cute artificial Easter eggs. So the next time you go to the craft store, make sure to purchase several packs.

1 Framed Bunny

Framed Bunny This is a cute Easter wreath DIY idea that will require some eggs, Easter grass, doily frame, pretty scrapbook paper, a bunny silhouette, and of course, a wreath form. The main star of this lovely door décor would be the bunny in its lovely doily frame. If you can't find the latter, you can always fashion one using thick cardboard.

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2 Yarn-Wrapped Eggs

Yarn-Wrapped Eggs This Easter craft project is as cute as can be. To make your version, you will simply cover plastic eggs with yarn (in yellows, pinks, and other lovely pastel hues), and then hot glue the yarn-wrapped eggs onto a foam wreath form. Easy and fun!

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3 Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Ribbon How lovely is this color? The tutorial linked below shows you a step-by-step guide into making this burlap ribbon wreath. You will notice that a natural burlap ribbon was used but the steps are pretty much the same for making the teal one above. You will, however, add a bunny embellishment to your finished wreath to make it more season-appropriate.

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4 Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath This is a sweet spring wreath that is quite simple to make. For the “grass” section, you will use fur yarn. You will want to use green, of course. Wrap the yarn around a wreath form. Once covered, embellish the whole thing with flowers from a daisy trim. Hang with a ribbon to your door.

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5 Feather and Eggs

Feather and Eggs This gorgeous blue handmade Easter wreath is sure to give your front yard its much-needed facelift. The great thing about this is that you can design your blue twig wreath in any way you want. For the nest, a boa was used but using a store-bought nest made of twig will work, too.

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6 Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks Look at those adorable chicks! Yes, this Easter craft project involves the use of a large number of chicks. However, some of you may have hoarded several packs of said chicks while they were on clearance. Now would be the time to take them out of your craft stash box. For a decent-sized wreath, it is possible to use at least a hundred chicks. If you don't have or can't find that many chicks, going for a smaller version is advisable.

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7 Bunny Twig Wreath

Bunny Twig Wreath The image above is from this store but it looks easy enough to DIY, right? You will need wire wreath forms in two sizes for the head and body. For the ears, you will be utilizing the twig garland. Do not forget the ribbon for the collar.

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Have you ever made a handmade Easter wreath before? What did it look like? I bet it was as lovely as the ones I have featured here.

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