7 Fun Ideas for a DIY Sharpie Mug ...

I have seen these DIY sharpie mugs all over Pinterest and I can’t wait to purchase some white mugs this weekend to get started on some of these fun ideas! They make great gifts for any holiday. When you're in need of something last minute, is the DIY project you want to try! From quirky and cute, to sweet and romantic, you can make one for yourself, a significant other, your kids, or even your boss! Check out these DIY sharpie mug ideas and share with us the one you love most!

1. Mr. & Mrs. Sharpie Mug

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This DIY Sharpie Mug is a great idea for a wedding gift for the newlyweds or even for a couple celebrating an anniversary. I’ve seen some really cute Mr. & Mrs. quotes that say, “Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right” or “He Loves Coffee” and “She Loves Tea”. I love the ones that have Mr. & Mrs. and also include a mustache and a red pair of lips to go along with the words! Check out these great DIY sharpie mug tips over on craftaholicsanonymous.net, to learn how to make the perfect mug and make the sharpie markings last.

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