7 Crocheting Videos for Girls Who Want to Be Creative ...


7 Crocheting Videos for Girls Who Want to Be Creative ...
7 Crocheting Videos for Girls Who Want to Be Creative ...

Instead of eating chips while you watch TV, you should put your hands to work. If you learn how to crochet, then you can work on little crafts while you're sitting in front of your television. It'll keep you busy while teaching you a new skill. If you're interested in the idea, here are a few crocheting videos for girls who want to be creative:

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Crochet Puff Stitch Hat

You don't have to crochet teddy bears that you're going to put on your shelf and never look at again. Instead, you can crochet something that'll actually be useful to you during the cold winter months. If you make yourself a hat, then you don't have to waste money buying one from the store. You could even make hats for your friends, and even your dog, to keep them warm.


Crochet Flower

Crocheted flowers are absolutely adorable! Once you learn how to crochet them, you can either make them as stand alones and leave them around your house, or you could add them to your other crocheted projects. They'd look amazing attached to a blanket, a pillowcase, or the hat up above!


Baby Blanket

If your friend is bringing a baby into the world, you can create something of your own. This blanket tutorial is perfect for beginners, so you don't have to worry if you've never picked yarn up before. When you're done, you'll have an adorable baby blanket that you can give to your godchildren. Of course, you could make the blanket bigger if you'd like and use it for yourself!


Granny Square

Before you learn to do anything, you should probably learn how to create a granny square. That way, you can create blankets that are even more adorable than the last one! After all, if you follow the advice in this tutorial, your blanket will be filled with plenty of different colors. Everyone will compliment you on it once they get a look at it!


Bootie Slipper

Here's another tutorial that is perfect for anyone with children in their life. If you follow the instructions, then you can create an actual slipper! The baby that receives it probably won't appreciate it, but everybody else will. Expect to have plenty of pictures taken of your hard work!



These bows are super simple. They're only two inches wide, so if you have any yarn scraps, this is the perfect thing to make with them. Of course, you don't have to make bows and throw them on your shelves. You can attach them to slippers or blankets, just like you could attach the flowers from earlier.


Cell Phone Pouch

If you want to impress everyone you know, you can create a cell phone pouch. You'll be able to carry it around all the time, so it's bound to become a conversation piece. When your friends ask you where you bought it, you can start to brag about how your recently took up crocheting and learned to make it yourself. They'll probably ask you for pointers!

Not only is crocheting fun, but it can help you create gifts for everyone in your family. That way, you won't have to head to the stores for their birthdays. You can just make their gifts right at home! Have you ever crocheted before?

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