15 Crafts 🎨 to Make ✂️ and Sell 💵 for Quick Money 🙌 ...

Need some craft projects to make and sell? For you gals out there who are crafty, this article is for you! Need a little cash and have the time for something easy? There just may be some crafts you have not thought of yet. Listed are 15 crafts to get the creative juices flowing. Many supplies may be found at the dollar store or thrift store. Some items are prefect for selling on-line as they are light in weight. Some items are unique and personable. Here are the best craft projects to make and sell.

The following is a YouTube video, by Natasha Rose, published on August 23, 2017:

The following are tutorials for each craft:

1. Candles

Make unique candles using Dollar Tree items.