Video Tutorial for DIY Designed Coffee Cups ...


Video Tutorial for DIY Designed Coffee Cups ...
Video Tutorial for DIY Designed Coffee Cups ...

Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom wanting to do something with the kids, a bored teenager wanting something creative to do, in the gift-giving spirit, have a bunch of plain coffee cups you'd like to give a makeover, etc., this is a really cute tutorial.

Watch as a Mother learns by experience the best way to create DIY designed coffee cups.

CafeMom Studios
Published on Feb 28, 2014

Do not use regualar sharpies. Do not bake in the oven. As you now know, doing so does not turn out too good.

She found out that porcelain sharpie markers work the best. Simply design and you have a creation!

Give to a relative or friend so that they can think of you every time that they have their coffee. Keep for yourself for some motivation and inspiration.

The following is the Amazon link to buy the sharpie pens:

Thank you for watching!

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