DIY Coffee Gift Basket ...


DIY Coffee Gift Basket ...
DIY Coffee Gift Basket ...

So simple, yet so useful and thoughtful, yet classy without going broke! What is the first thing a person does in the morning? Do they basically sleepwalk to the coffee maker and basically nothing else?

Let Alaina show you without any B.S. what to do for that special person to show how much you care!

Alaina Doyle
Published on Nov 6, 2016

Use a vessel (basket) of anything you can think of! A gift-wrapped box could even be used!

Go to the dollar store and buy that special coffee mug. The coffee mug that stands out screaming, for attention!

For those dark winter mornings, include a candle, with an awesome fragrance, from none other than the dollar store, making the home feel extra special.

Choose a bag of flavored coffee to include. Even dollar stores carry flavored coffee!

Include a small pastry. More than likely, that special someone downs only coffee, in the hustle and bustle of the morning. However, if the recipient does have a hearty breakfast every morning, the gift basket pastry is going to be a little special treat to go along.

If you are a gift basket pro, good for you! But for those of you just now discovering the gift basket scene, coffee baskets are the way to go!

Happy coffee theme gift basket making!

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