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DIY Coffee Cup Goodie Gift Idea ...

By Leiann

I do not know about you, but I love to give presents ... especially for Christmas. I know Christmas is not all about the presents, but the look on a person's face as they unwrap a gift is so exciting!

Often, women want to include everybody on their list...but the budget is kind-of tight.

My articles often cater to the poor girls out there. Believe me, I feel for you.

So, watch the following video for a cute gift that is affordable.

A coffee cup is a gift that keeps on giving! Cannot go wrong! However, I would give decorative coffee cups.

What would I rather give instead of hot cocoa? Coffee, to go along with the goodies.

The goodies could be anything your little heart desires! Be creative.

Not rocket science, right? Give to your neighbor, the mail lady, the newspaper carrier, etc. and be happy.

Merry Christmas!

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