Make Your Own Custom Water Bottle Labels ...

By Leiann

Make Your Own Custom Water Bottle Labels ...

Want something unique to give? Why not make your own custom DIY water bottle labels?

Often, you need to bring something to a get-together, like a dessert, snack, or pan of something... Why not some bottled water?

The usual crate of bottled water is no more than $5.00, making it a cheap yet healthy gift, right?

Now, give it the ultimate unique touch... Make unique DIY water bottle labels!

Hop on the website that she illustrates, create what you want, print-out, get scissors, tape, and you are set!

She states that she made her's for a baby shower. What about if you just make some up for motivation and inspiration? Maybe a friend needs some water bottle pep talk for that New Year's resolution that they made to get healthy.

I hope you found this video to be a gift that keeps on giving.

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