Easy DIY Mason Jar Cups ...


Easy DIY Mason Jar Cups ...
Easy DIY Mason Jar Cups ...

It amazes me what one may learn from a kid!

I have a ton of jars. I love water bottles. So, I thought, why not combine the two?

I searched on YouTube for a tutorial I could comprehend. I lack common sense and could not figure out what those circular things were that fit around the hammered hole of the lids (where the straw fits) in all of the videos. Until ... this video! The young man plainly said they are called "washers". I just thought I would point this out first so you can make a dash to the dollar store to purchase them to get started!

Do you have a ton of jars in your pantry?

Do you need motivation to drink more water in the New Year?

Follow along! No drill required!

Make the mason jar cups so unique and personalized! Use Washi tape, paint, stickers, etc.

Don't have any jars? You can buy a crate of Ball mason jars at your local store for about $8.99! Compare these to plastic water bottles from the local dollar store that may be a $1.00 each, but they are not as durable, unique or inspirational.

So, carry a mason jar cup filled with water wherever you go! You are going to see the difference it makes to your health. So cute you are not going to want to set it down!

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