DIY T-Shirt Pillows for a Fun Craft ...

By Leiann

DIY  T-Shirt  Pillows for a Fun  Craft ...

How many t-shirts do you still have from school days, favorite sports teams, with funny sayings, that maybe have gotten to be too small, stained or torn with holes, but still have meaning?

Keep those special t-shirts close to you by making your t-shirts into pillows!

This DIY calls for a t-shirt, fiberfill, scissors and hot glue.

This could even be a moneymaker for you. Know someone with attachments to certain t-shirts but can no longer wear them? Make their t-shirts into pillows for them! The money could certainly come in handy. Know a charity needing to raise money? Grab a bunch of women together to make t-shirt pillows for a donation!

Simple, frugal and useful.

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