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Video Tutorial for DIY Coffee Bean Crafts ...

By Leiann

Learn how to make some rich and unique looking crafts by following the YouTube video featured in this review.

Wonderful for decorating your own home or to give to a friend, especially if that friend loves their coffee!

Published on Sep 30, 2016

The coffee bean photo frames would make your kitchen look cozy, warm and inviting.

The coffee bean garland would look cute on a Christmas tree.

The coffee bean candle would brighten up any room of the house, in the kitchen while having your coffee, in the living room while you are taking a break from the stress of the day, or even in your bedroom while you are reading a book or browsing through a magazine.

I think these crafts are very cute and make a home a home you can feel like you can actually live in, not a home for "show only".

Thank you for watching.

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